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Akabane, C.; Pabisch, S.; Wagermaier, W.; Roschger, A.; Tobori, N.; Okano, T.; Murakami, S.; Fratzl, P.; Weinkamer, R.: The effect of aging on the nanostructure of murine alveolar bone and dentin. Journal of Bone and Mineral Metabolism: official publication of the Japanese Society for Bone and Mineral Research 39 (5), pp. 757 - 768 (2021)
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Ayoubi, M.; Van Tol, A.; Weinkamer, R.; Roschger, P.; Brugger, P. C.; Berzlanovich, A.; Bertinetti, L.; Roschger, A.; Fratzl, P.: 3D interrelationship between osteocyte network and forming mineral during human bone remodeling. Advanced Healthcare Materials 10 (12), 2100113 (2021)
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De Falco, P.; Weinkamer, R.; Wagermaier, W.; Li, C.; Snow, T.; Terrill, N. J.; Gupta, H. S.; Goyal, P.; Stoll, M.; Benner, P. et al.; Fratzl, P.: Tomographic X-ray scattering based on invariant reconstruction: analysis of the 3D nanostructure of bovine bone. Journal of Applied Crystallography 54 (2), pp. 486 - 497 (2021)
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Natalio, F.; Corrales, T. P.; Pierantoni, M.; Rosenhek-Goldian, I.; Cernescu, A.; Raguin, E.; Maria, R.; Cohen, S. R.: Characterization of Eocene flint. Chemical Geology 582, 120427 (2021)
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Nie, C.; Pouyan, P.; Lauster, D.; Trimpert, J.; Kerkhoff, Y.; Szekeres, G. P.; Wallert, M.; Block, S.; Sahoo, A. K.; Dernedde, J. et al.; Pagel, K.; Kaufer, B. B.; Roland; Netz, R.; Ballauff, M.; Haag, R.: Polysulfates block SARS-CoV-2 uptake through electrostatic interactions. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 60 (29), pp. 15870 - 15878 (2021)
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Zhong, J.; Pierantoni, M.; Weinkamer, R.; Brumfeld, V.; Zheng, K.; Chen, J.; Swain, M. V.; Weiner, S.; Li, Q.: Microstructural heterogeneity of the collagenous network in the loaded and unloaded periodontal ligament and its biomechanical implications. Journal of Structural Biology 213 (3), 107772 (2021)
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