Publications of Hongqiang Wang

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Journal Article
Liu, J.; Wang, H.; Chen, Z.; Möhwald, H.; Fiechter, S.; van de Krol, R.; Wen, L.; Jiang, L.; Antonietti, M.: Microcontact-printing-assisted access of graphitic carbon nitride films with favorable textures toward photoelectrochemical application. Advanced Materials 27 (4), pp. 712 - 718 (2015)
Journal Article
Pyatenko, A.; Wang, H.; Koshizakit, N.: Growth mechanism of monodisperse spherical particles under nanosecond pulsed laser irradiation. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (8), pp. 4495 - 4500 (2014)
Journal Article
Song, X.; Qiu, Z.; Yang, X.; Gong, H.; Zheng, S.; Cao, B.; Wang, H.; Möhwald, H.; Shchukin, D.: Submicron-lubricant based on crystallized Fe3O4 spheres for enhanced tribology performance. Chemistry of Materials 26 (17), pp. 5113 - 5119 (2014)
Journal Article
Wang, H.; Yan, X. H.; Li, G. L.; Pilz-Allen, C.; Möhwald, H.; Shchukin, D.: Sono-assembly of highly biocompatible polysaccharide capsules for hydrophobic drug delivery. Advanced Healthcare Materials 3 (6), pp. 825 - 831 (2014)
Journal Article
Zhang, L.; Belova, V.; Wang, H.; Dong, W.; Möhwald, H.: Controlled cavitation at nano/microparticle surfaces. Chemistry of Materials 26 (7), pp. 2244 - 2248 (2014)
Journal Article
Wang, H. Q.; Jia, L. C.; Bogdanoff, P.; Fiechter, S.; Möhwald, H.; Shchukin, D.: Size-related native defect engineering in high intensity ultrasonication of nanoparticles for photoelectrochemical water splitting. Energy & Environmental Science 6 (3), pp. 799 - 804 (2013)
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