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Martin, C. E.; Broecker, F.; Eller, S.; Oberli, M. A.; Anish, C.; Pereira, C. L.; Seeberger, P. H.: Glycan arrays containing synthetic Clostridium difficile lipoteichoic acid oligomers as tools toward a carbohydrate vaccine. Chemical Communications 49 (64), S. 7159 - 7161 (2013)
Martin, C. E.; Broecker, F.; Oberli, M. A.; Komor, J.; Mattner, J.; Anish, C.; Seeberger, P. H.: Immunological evaluation of a synthetic Clostridium difficile oligosaccharide conjugate vaccine candidate and identification of a minimal epitope. Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (26), S. 9713 - 9722 (2013)
Bröcker, F.; Mölling, K.: Short hairpin-looped oligodeoxynucleotides reduce hepatitis C virus replication. Virology Journal 9, 134 (2012)

Buchkapitel (2)

Bröcker, F.; Seeberger, P. H.: Synthetic glycan microarrays. In: Methods in Molecular Biology, Bd. 1518, S. 227 - 240. Springer, New York (2017)
Bröcker, F.; Chakkumkal, A.; Seeberger, P. H.: Generation of monoclonal antibodies against defined oligosaccharide antigens. In: Carbohydrate-Based Vaccines, S. 57 - 80 (Hg. Lepenies, B.). Springer Science+Business Media, New York (2015)

Meeting Abstract (2)

Meeting Abstract
Mietzsch, M.; van Vliet, K.; Lins-Austin, B.; Yu, C.; Janssen, M. E.; Bröcker, F.; Kaplonek, P.; Cardone, G.; McKenna, R.; Crystal, R. et al.; Wilson, J.; Baker, T.; Seeberger, P. H.; Heilbronn, R.; Agbandje-McKenna, M.: Analysis of the AAVrh. 10 capsid structure and its antigenic and receptor interactions. In Molecular Therapy, 25 (5) Supplement 1 Aufl., 728, S. 335 - 335. 20th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy, Washington, DC, 10. Mai 2017 - 13. Mai 2017. No longer published by Elsevier, San Diego, CA (2017)
Meeting Abstract
Bröcker, F.; Martin, C.; Hanske, J.; Rademacher, C.; Pereira, C. L.; Anish, C.; Seeberger, P. H.: Deciphering glycan-antibody interactions: towards a carbohydrate-based vaccine against Clostridium difficile. In Glycobiology, 24 (11), S. 1129 - 1129. Joint Meeting of the Society-for-Glycobiology (SFG) and the Japanese-Society-of-Carbohydrate-Research (JSCR), Honolulu, HI, 16. November 2014 - 19. November 2014. Oxford University Press, Oxford (2014)

Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit (1)

Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit
Bröcker, F.: Towards vaccines and therapeutic antibodies against Clostridium difficile based on synthetic glycans. Dissertation, 155 S., Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin (2016)

Patent (2)

Seeberger, P. H.; Martin, C. E.; Bröcker, F.; Chakkumkal, A.: Antibodies for prevention and treatment of diseases caused by Clostridium difficile. (2016)
Seeberger, P. H.; Martin, C. E.; Bröcker, F.; Chakkumkal, A.: Oligosaccharides and oligosaccharides-protein conjugates derived from clostridium difficile polysaccharide PS-I, methods of synthesis and uses thereof, in particular as vaccines and diagnostic tools. EP2739636 (2013)
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