Publications of Esther Jaekel

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Journal Article
Jaekel, E.; Filonenko, S.: Cationic CNC-stabilized pickering emulsions of linseed oil for hydrophobic coatings. RSC Advances 13 (25), pp. 16860 - 16866 (2023)
Journal Article
Jaekel, E.; Kluge, S.; Tröger-Müller, S.; Tutuş, M.; Filonenko, S.: Tunable gas permeation behavior in self-standing cellulose nanocrystal-based membranes. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 10 (38), pp. 12895 - 12905 (2022)
Journal Article
Jaekel, E.; Sirviö, J. A.; Antonietti, M.; Filonenko, S.: One-step method for the preparation of cationic nanocellulose in reactive eutectic media. Green Chemistry 23 (6), pp. 2317 - 2323 (2021)

Patent (1)

Antonietti, M.; Filonenko, S.; Jaekel, E.: An efficient green process for the preparation of nanocelluloses, novel modified nanocelluloses and their application. (2022)
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