Publications of H. Leemreize

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Frølich, S.; Leemreize, H.; Jakus, A.; Xiao, X.; Shah, R.; Birkedal, H.; Almer, J. D.; Stock, S. R.: Diffraction tomography and Rietveld refinement of a hydroxyapatite bone phantom. Journal of Applied Crystallography 49 (1), pp. 103 - 109 (2016)
Journal Article
Hood, M. A.; Leemreize, H.; Scheffel, A.; Faivre, D.: Lattice distortions in coccolith calcite crystals originate from occlusion of biomacromolecules. Journal of Structural Biology 196 (2), pp. 147 - 154 (2016)
Journal Article
Valverde Serrano, C.; Leemreize, H.; Bar-On, B.; Barth, F. G.; Fratzl, P.; Zolotoyabko, E.; Politi, Y.: Ordering of protein and water molecules at their interfaces with chitin nano-crystals. Journal of Structural Biology 193 (2), pp. 124 - 131 (2016)
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