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Zhang, R. J.; Li, W. H.; Li, L.; Jin, W. R.; Möhwald, H.; Sui, W. P.: Calcium-containing disk pattern from microspheres of chitosan with alginate. Thin Solid Films 520 (19), pp. 6165 - 6169 (2012)
Journal Article
Zhang, R. J.; Li, W. H.; Möhwald, H.; Sui, W. P.; Wang, Z. P.; Gao, C. Y.: Shell modulation by tailoring substituents in chitosan for LbL-assembled microcapsules. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 372, pp. 40 - 44 (2012)
Journal Article
Wang, C.; Zhang, R. J.; Möhwald, H.: Micelles as "Fluorescence Protector" for an Europium Complex in Microcapsules. Langmuir 26 (14), pp. 11987 - 11990 (2010)
Journal Article
Zhang, R. J.; Köhler, K.; Kreft, O.; Skirtach, A.; Möhwald, H.; Sukhorukov, G.: Salt-induced fusion of microcapsules of polyelectrolytes. Soft Matter 6 (19), pp. 4742 - 4747 (2010)
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