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Tröger-Müller, S.; Brandt, J.; Antonietti, M.; Liedel, C.: Green imidazolium ionics-from truly sustainable reagents to highly functional ionic liquids. Chemistry – A European Journal 23 (49), pp. 11810 - 11817 (2017)
Journal Article
Hentrich, D.; Junginger, M.; Bruns, M.; Börner, H. G.; Brandt, J.; Brezesinski, G.; Taubert, A.: Interface-controlled calcium phosphate mineralization: effect of oligo(aspartic acid)-rich interfaces. CrystEngComm 17 (36), pp. 6901 - 6913 (2015)
Journal Article
Brandt, J.; Schmidt, J.; Thomas, A.; Epping, J. D.; Weber, J.: Tunable absorption and emission wavelength in conjugated microporous polymers by copolymerization. Polymer Chemistry 2 (9), pp. 1950 - 1952 (2011)
Journal Article
Hermes, F.; Otte, K.; Brandt, J.; Gräwert, M.; Börner, H. G.; Schlaad, H.: Polypeptide-based organogelators: effects of secondary structure. Macromolecules 44 (18), pp. 7489 - 7492 (2011)
Journal Article
Shkilnyy, A.; Brandt, J.; Mantion, A.; Paris, O.; Schlaad, H.; Taubert, A.: Calcium phosphate with a channel-like morphology by polymer templating. Chemistry of Materials 21 (8), pp. 1572 - 1578 (2009)
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