Publications of Xin-Hao Li

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Journal Article
Li, X.-H.; Antonietti, M.: Metal nanoparticles at mesoporous N-doped carbons and carbon nitrides: functional Mott-Schottky heterojunctions for catalysis. Chemical Society Reviews 42 (16), pp. 6593 - 6604 (2013)
Journal Article
Li, X.-H.; Antonietti, M.: Polycondensation of boron- and nitrogen-codoped holey graphene monoliths from molecules: carbocatalysts for selective oxidation. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 52 (17), pp. 4572 - 4576 (2013)
Journal Article
Li, X.-H.; Baar, M.; Blechert, S.; Antonietti, M.: Facilitating room-temperature Suzuki coupling reaction with light: Mott-Schottky photocatalyst for C-C-coupling. Scientific Reports 3, 01743 (2013)
Journal Article
Li, X.-H.; Chen, J.-S.; Wang, X. C.; Schuster, M. E.; Schlögl, R.; Antonietti, M.: A green chemistry of graphene: photochemical reduction towards monolayer graphene sheets and the role of water adlayers. ChemSusChem 5 (4), pp. 642 - 646 (2012)
Journal Article
Li, X.-H.; Kurasch, S.; Kaiser, U.; Antonietti, M.: Synthesis of monolayer-patched graphene from glucose. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 51 (38), pp. 9689 - 9692 (2012)
Journal Article
Li, X.-H.; Wang, X. C.; Antonietti, M.: Mesoporous g-C3N4 nanorods as multifunctional supports of ultrafine metal nanoparticles: hydrogen generation from water and reduction of nitrophenol with tandem catalysis in one step. Chemical Science 3 (6), pp. 2170 - 2174 (2012)
Journal Article
Li, X.-H.; Wang, X. C.; Antonietti, M.: Solvent-free and metal-free oxidation of toluene using O-2 and g-C3N4 with nanopores: nanostructure boosts the catalytic selectivity. ACS Catalysis 2 (10), pp. 2082 - 2086 (2012)
Journal Article
Men, Y.; Li, X.-H.; Antonietti, M.; Yuan, J.: Poly(tetrabutylphosphonium 4-styrenesulfonate): a poly(ionic liquid) stabilizer for graphene being multi-responsive. Polymer Chemistry 3 (4), pp. 871 - 873 (2012)
Journal Article
Li, X.-H.; Chen, J.-S.; Wang, X. C.; Sun, J. H.; Antonietti, M.: Metal-Free Activation of Dioxygen by Graphene/g-C3N4 Nanocomposites: Functional Dyads for Selective Oxidation of Saturated Hydrocarbons. Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (21), pp. 8074 - 8077 (2011)
Journal Article
Li, X.-H.; Zhang, J. S.; Chen, X. F.; Fischer, A.; Thomas, A.; Antonietti, M.; Wang, X. C.: Condensed Graphitic Carbon Nitride Nanorods by Nanoconfinement: Promotion of Crystallinity on Photocatalytic Conversion. Chemistry of Materials 23 (19), pp. 4344 - 4348 (2011)
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