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Carillo, M. A.; Bennet, M.; Faivre, D.: Interaction of Proteins Associated with the Magnetosome Assembly in Magnetotactic Bacteria As Revealed by Two-Hybrid Two-Photon Excitation Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy Förster Resonance Energy Transfer. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 117 (47), pp. 14642 - 14648 (2013)
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Siponen, M. I.; Legrand, P.; Widdrat, M.; Jones, S. R.; Zhang, W.-J.; Chang, M. C. Y.; Faivre, D.; Arnoux, P.; Pignol, D.: Structural insight into magnetochrome-mediated magnetite biomineralization. Nature 502 (7473), pp. 681 - 684 (2013)
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Murat, D.; Falahati, V.; Bertinetti, L.; Csencsits, R.; Körnig, A.; Downing, K.; Faivre, D.; Komeili, A.: The magnetosome membrane protein, MmsF, is a major regulator of magnetite biomineralization in Magnetospirillum magneticum AMB-1. Molecular Microbiology 85 (4), pp. 684 - 699 (2012)
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Sonkaria, S.; Fuentes, G.; Verma, C.; Narang, R.; Khare, V.; Fischer, A.; Faivre, D.: Insight into the Assembly Properties and Functional Organisation of the Magnetotactic Bacterial Actin-like Homolog, MamK. PLoS One 7 (5), e34189 (2012)
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Klumpp, S.; Faivre, D.: Interplay of Magnetic Interactions and Active Movements in the Formation of Magnetosome Chains. PLoS One 7 (3), e33562 (2012)
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Schwemmer, T.; Baumgartner, J.; Faivre, D.; Börner, H. G.: Peptide-Mediated Nanoengineering of Inorganic Particle Surfaces: A General Route toward Surface Functionalization via Peptide Adhesion Domains. Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (4), pp. 2385 - 2391 (2012)
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Baumgartner, J.; Lesevic, P.; Kumari, M.; Halbmair, K.; Bennet, M.; Körnig, A.; Widdrat, M.; Andert, J.; Wollgarten, M.; Bertinetti, L. et al.; Strauch, P.; Hirt, A.; Faivre, D.: From magnetotactic bacteria to hollow spirilla-shaped silica containing a magnetic chain. Rsc Advances 2 (21), pp. 8007 - 8009 (2012)
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Charilaou, M.; Sahu, K. K.; Faivre, D.; Fischer, A.; Garcia-Rubio, I.; Gehring, A. U.: Evolution of magnetic anisotropy and thermal stability during nanocrystal-chain growth. Applied Physics Letters 99 (18), 182504 (2011)
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Fischer, A.; Schmitz, M.; Aichmayer, B.; Fratzl, P.; Faivre, D.: Structural purity of magnetite nanoparticles in magnetotactic bacteria. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 8 (60), pp. 1011 - 1018 (2011)
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Böttger, L.; Faivre, D.; Schüler, D.; Trautwein, A. X.; Matzanke, B.: Magnetite formation via membrane-bound ferritin and an iron(II) species at the cytoplasmic membrane and in magnetosomes of magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 217, 012020 (2010)
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Faivre, D.: Multifunctional materials: dry but flexible magnetic materials. Nature Nanotechnology 5 (8), pp. 562 - 563 (2010)
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Faivre, D.; Fischer, A.; Garcia-Rubio, I.; Mastrogiacomo, G.; Gehring, A. U.: Development of cellular magnetic dipoles in magnetotactic bacteria. Biophysical Journal 99 (4), pp. 1268 - 1273 (2010)
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Carvallo, C.; Hickey, S.; Faivre, D.; Menguy, N.: Formation of magnetite in Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense studied with FORC diagrams. Earth Planets and Space 61 (1), pp. 143 - 150 (2009)
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Lopez, O.; Zuddas, P.; Faivre, D.: The influence of temperature and seawater composition on calcite crystal growth mechanisms and kinetics: implications for Mg incorporation in calcite lattice. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 73 (2), pp. 337 - 347 (2009)
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Faivre, D.; Menguy, N.; Posfai, M.; Schüler, D.: Environmental parameters affect the physical properties of fast-growing magnetosomes. American Mineralogist 93 (2-3), pp. 463 - 469 (2008)
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Faivre, D.; Schüler, D.: Magnetotactic Bacteria and Magnetosomes. Chemical Reviews 108 (11), pp. 4875 - 4898 (2008)
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Faivre, D.; Böttger, L. H.; Matzanke, B. F.; Schüler, D.: Intracellular magnetite biomineralization in bacteria proceeds by a distinct pathway involving membrane-bound ferritin and an iron(II) species. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 46 (44), pp. 8495 - 8499 (2007)

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Faivre, D. (Ed.): Iron oxides: from nature to applications. Wiley-VCH, Weinheim (2016), 598 pp.

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Book Chapter
Reichel, V.; Faivre, D.: Magnetite Nucleation and Growth. In: New Perspectives on Mineral Nucleation and Growth: From Solution Precursors to Solid Materials, pp. 275 - 291 (Eds. Van Driessche, A. E.S.; Kellermeier, M.; Benning, L. G.; Gebauer, D.). Springer, Cham, CH (2017)
Book Chapter
Klumpp, S.; Faivre, D.: Magnetotactic bacteria. In: Microswimmers - From single particle motion to collective behaviour, pp. B5.1 - B5.13 (Eds. Gompper, G.; Bechinger, C.). Forschungszentrum Jülich, Jülich (2015)
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