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Körnig, A.; Dong, J.; Bennet, M.; Widdrat, M.; Andert, J.; Müller, F. D.; Schüler, D.; Klumpp, S.; Faivre, D.: Probing the mechanical properties of magnetosome chains in living magnetotactic bacteria. Nano Letters 14 (8), pp. 4653 - 4659 (2014)
Journal Article
Andert, J.; Börjesson, G.; Hallin, S.: Temporal changes in methane oxidizing and denitrifying communities and their activities in a drained peat soil. Wetlands: journal of the Society of Wetland Scientists 32 (6), pp. 1047 - 1055 (2012)
Journal Article
Baumgartner, J.; Lesevic, P.; Kumari, M.; Halbmair, K.; Bennet, M.; Körnig, A.; Widdrat, M.; Andert, J.; Wollgarten, M.; Bertinetti, L. et al.; Strauch, P.; Hirt, A.; Faivre, D.: From magnetotactic bacteria to hollow spirilla-shaped silica containing a magnetic chain. RSC Advances 2 (21), pp. 8007 - 8009 (2012)
Journal Article
Andert, J.; Wessen, E.; Borjesson, G.; Hallin, S.: Temporal changes in abundance and composition of ammonia-oxidizing bacterial and archaeal communities in a drained peat soil in relation to N2O emissions. Journal of Soils and Sediments 11 (8), pp. 1399 - 1407 (2011)
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