Dr.  Martina  Delbianco
Dr. Martina Delbianco
Group Leader
Telefon:+49 331 567-9360Fax:+49 331 567-9302


Polysaccharides are the most abundant organic materials in nature. These biomolecules have the ability to form a large number of hydrogen bonds making them ideal candidates for the formation of supramolecular structures (Chemical Reviews 116 (4), pp. 1693-1752 (2016). Yet correlations between their three-dimensional structure and macroscopic properties have not been established. With automated glycan assembly we prepare well-defined oligo- and polysaccharides resembling natural as well as unnatural structures. These are ideal probes for the fundamental study of polysaccharides.

We follow two lines of investigation:

  1. Analysis of the correlation between the chemical composition, the three dimensional structure and the properties of oligo- and polysaccharides. Particular focus is laid on how a specific modification affects the overall properties of the molecule.
  2. Development of novel carbohydrate-based materials, crucial for a better understanding of biological process as well as for the use of engineered platforms for biomedical applications.
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