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  1. 2011
    Journal Article
    de Espinosa, L. M.; Meier, M. A. R.: Synthesis of star- and block-copolymers using ADMET: head-to-tail selectivity during step-growth polymerization. Chemical Communications 47 (6), pp. 1908 - 1910 (2011)
  2. Journal Article
    Delahaye, E.; Xie, Z. L.; Schaefer, A.; Douce, L.; Rogez, G.; Rabu, P.; Günter, C.; Gutmann, J. S.; Taubert, A.: Intercalation synthesis of functional hybrid materials based on layered simple hydroxide hosts and ionic liquid guests - a pathway towards multifunctional ionogels without a silica matrix? Dalton Transactions 40 (39), pp. 9977 - 9988 (2011)
  3. Journal Article
    Delcea, M.; Madaboosi, N.; Yashchenok, A. M.; Subedi, P.; Volodkin, D. V.; De Geest, B. G.; Möhwald, H.; Skirtach, A. G.: Anisotropic multicompartment micro- and nano-capsules produced via embedding into biocompatible PLL/HA films. Chemical Communications 47 (7), pp. 2098 - 2100 (2011)
  4. Journal Article
    Dietrich, P. M.; Horlacher, T.; Girard-Lauriault, P.-L.; Gross, T.; Lippitz, A.; Min, H.; Wirth, T.; Shard, A. G.; Castelli, R.; Seeberger, P. H. et al.; Unger, W. E. S.: Multi-method chemical characterization of carbohydrate-functionalised surfaces. Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry 30 (4-6), pp. 361 - 372 (2011)
  5. Journal Article
    Ding, Z. X.; Chen, X. F.; Antonietti, M.; Wang, X. C.: Synthesis of Transition Metal-Modified Carbon Nitride Polymers for Selective Hydrocarbon Oxidation. ChemSusChem 4 (2 Sp. Iss.), pp. 274 - 281 (2011)
  6. Journal Article
    Dittrich, M.; Böttcher, M.; Oliveira, J. S. L.; Dobner, B.; Möhwald, H.; Brezesinski, G.: Physical-chemical characterization of novel cationic transfection lipids and the binding of model DNA at the air-water interface. Soft Matter 7 (21), pp. 10162 - 10173 (2011)
  7. Journal Article
    Egli, S.; Schlaad, H.; Bruns, N.; Meier, W.: Functionalization of block copolymer vesicle surfaces. Polymers 3 (1), pp. 252 - 280 (2011)
  8. Journal Article
    Essawy, H.; Tauer, K.: Polyamide capsules via soft templating with oil drops-2. Subsequent radical polymerization of styrene. Colloid and Polymer Science 289 (2), pp. 121 - 132 (2011)
  9. Journal Article
    Fainerman, V. B.; Aksenenko, E. V.; Kovalchuk, V. I.; Javadi, A.; Miller, R.: Study of the co-adsorption of hexane from the gas phase at the surface of aqueous C10EO8 drops. Soft Matter 7 (17), pp. 7860 - 7865 (2011)
  10. Journal Article
    Falco, C.; Baccile, N.; Titirici, M. M.: Morphological and structural differences between glucose, cellulose and lignocellulosic biomass derived hydrothermal carbons. Green Chemistry 13 (11), pp. 3273 - 3281 (2011)
  11. Journal Article
    Farra, R.; Thiel, K.; Winter, A.; Klamroth, T.; Pöppl, A.; Kelling, A.; Schilde, U.; Taubert, A.; Strauch, P.: Tetrahalidocuprates(II)-structure and EPR spectroscopy. Part 1: Tetrabromidocuprates(II). New Journal of Chemistry 35 (12), pp. 2793 - 2803 (2011)
  12. Journal Article
    Fathima, N. N.; Dhathathreyan, A.; Ramasami, T.; Krägel, J.; Miller, R.: Degree of crosslinking of collagen at interfaces: Adhesion and shear rheological indicators. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 48 (1), pp. 67 - 73 (2011)
  13. Journal Article
    Fernandes, F. M.; Manjubala, I.; Ruiz-Hitzky, E.: Gelatin renaturation and the interfacial role of fillers in bionanocomposites. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13 (11), pp. 4901 - 4910 (2011)
  14. Journal Article
    Gaponik, N.; Shchukin, D. G.; Sviridov, D. V.: Electrochemical Patterning of Polyaniline on Insulating Substrates. Zeitschrift fur Physikalische Chemie-International Journal of Research in Physical Chemistry & Chemical Physics 225 (3), pp. 373 - 378 (2011)
  15. Journal Article
    Garcia-Marquez, A.; Portehault, D.; Giordano, C.: Chromium nitride and carbide nanofibers: from composites to mesostructures. Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (7), pp. 2136 - 2143 (2011)
  16. Journal Article
    Gentsch, R.; Börner, H. G.: Designing Three-Dimensional Materials at the Interface to Biology. Advances in Polymer Science, pp. 163 - 192 (2011)
  17. Journal Article
    Giordano, C.; Kraupner, A.; Fleischer, I.; Henrich, C.; Klingelhöfer, G.; Antonietti, M.: Non-conventional Fe3C-based nanostructures. Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (42), pp. 16963 - 16967 (2011)
  18. Journal Article
    Gröning, A.; Ahrens, H.; Ortmann, T.; Lawrenz, F.; Brezesinski, G.; Scholz, F.; Helm, C. A.: Molecular mechanisms of phosphatidylcholine monolayer solidification due to hydroxyl radicals. Soft Matter 7 (14), pp. 6467 - 6476 (2011)
  19. Journal Article
    Gruber, K.; Hermann, B. A.; Seeberger, P. H.: Sensing carbohydrate-protein interactions at picomolar concentrations using cantilever arrays. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 50 (37), pp. A46 - A51 (2011)
  20. Journal Article
    Gruber, K.; Horlacher, T.; Castelli, R.; Mader, A.; Seeberger, P. H.; Hermann, B. A.: Cantilever array sensors detect specific carbohydrate-protein interactions with picomolar sensitivity. ACS Nano 5 (5), pp. 3670 - 3678 (2011)
  21. Journal Article
    Grünstein, D.; Maglinao, M.; Kikkeri, R.; Collot, M.; Barylyuk, K.; Lepenies, B.; Kamena, F.; Zenobi, R.; Seeberger, P. H.: Hexameric supramolecular scaffold orients carbohydrates to sense bacteria. Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (35), pp. 13957 - 13966 (2011)
  22. Journal Article
    Haase, A.; Tentschert, J.; Jungnickel, H.; Graf, P.; Mantion, A.; Draude, F.; Plendl, J.; Goetz, M. E.; Galla, A.; Masic, A. et al.; Thünemann, A. F.; Taubert, A.; Arlinghaus, H. F.; Luch, A.: Toxicity of silver nanoparticles in human macrophages: uptake, intracellular distribution and cellular responses. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 304, 012030 (2011)
  23. Journal Article
    Hamdy, A. S.: Electrochemical behavior of diamond-like-carbon coatings deposited on AlTiC (Al₂O₃ + TiC) ceramic composite substrate in HCl solution. Electrochimica Acta 56 (3), pp. 1554 - 1562 (2011)
  24. Journal Article
    Hamdy, A. S.; Dönch, I.; Möhwald, H.: Assessment of a one-step intelligent self-healing vanadia protective coatings for magnesium alloys in corrosive media. Electrochimica Acta 56, pp. 2493 - 2502 (2011)
  25. Journal Article
    Hoogenboom, R.; Schlaad, H.: Bioinspired poly(2-oxazoline)s. Polymers 3 (1), pp. 467 - 488 (2011)
  26. Journal Article
    Horlacher, T.; Noti, C.; de Paz, J. L.; Bindschädler, P.; Hecht, M. L.; Smith, D. F.; Fukuda, M. N.; Seeberger, P. H.: Characterization of annexin A1 glycan binding reveals binding to highly sulfated glycans with preference for highly sulfated heparan sulfate and heparin. Biochemistry 50 (13), pp. 2650 - 2659 (2011)
  27. Journal Article
    Hu, J. L.; Weikl, T.; Lipowsky, R.: Vesicles with multiple membrane domains. Soft Matter 7 (13), pp. 6092 - 6102 (2011)
  28. Journal Article
    Hundertmark, M.; Dimova, R.; Lengefeld, J.; Seckler, R.; Hincha, D. K.: The intrinsically disordered late embryogenesis abundant protein LEA18 from Arabidopsis thaliana modulates membrane stability through binding and folding. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta-Biomembranes 1808 (1), pp. 446 - 453 (2011)
  29. Journal Article
    Inozemtseva, O. A.; Kolesnikova, T. A.; Gorin, D. A.; Shvyndina, N. V.; Shklover, V. Y.: Functionalization of direct emulsion disperse phase surface by zinc oxide nanoparticles using layer-by layer electrostatic assembly. Nanotechnologies in Russia 6 (3-4), pp. 211 - 217 (2011)
  30. Journal Article
    Javadi, A.; Moradi, N.; Karbaschi, M.; Fainerman, V. B.; Möhwald, H.; Miller, R.: Alkane vapor and surfactants co-adsorption on aqueous solution interfaces. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 391, pp. 19 - 24 (2011)
  31. Journal Article
    Jégou, A.; Niedermayer, T.; Lipowsky, R.; Carlier, M.-F.; Romet-Lemonne, G.: Observation of Individual Actin Filaments Reveals that ATP Hydrolysis is a Random Mechanism. Observation of Individual Actin Filaments Reveals that ATP Hydrolysis is a Random Mechanism 100 (3 Suppl 1,2), pp. 33a - 34a (2011)
  32. Journal Article
    Jimenez-Millan, E.; Giner-Casares, J. J.; Martin-Romero, M. T.; Brezesinski, G.; Camacho, L.: Chiral Textures inside 2D Achiral Domains. Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (47), pp. 19028 - 19031 (2011)
  33. Journal Article
    Kamena, F.; Monnanda, B.; Makou, D.; Capone, S.; Patora-Komisarska, K.; Seebach, D.: On the Mechanism of Eukaryotic Cell Penetration by α- and β-Oligoarginines - Targeting Infected Erythrocytes. Chemistry and Biodiversity 8 (1), pp. 1 - 12 (2011)
  34. Journal Article
    Kazakova, L. I.; Shabarchina, L. I.; Sukhorukov, G. B.: Co-encapsulation of enzyme and sensitive dye as a tool for fabrication of microcapsule based sensor for urea measuring. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13 (23), pp. 11110 - 11117 (2011)
  35. Journal Article
    Kazakov, V. N.; Barkalova, E. L.; Levchenko, L. A.; Klimenko, T. M.; Fainerman, V. B.; Miller, R.: Dilation rheology as medical diagnostics of human biological liquids. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 391, pp. 190 - 194 (2011)
  36. Journal Article
    Kerschnitzki, M.; Wagermaier, W.; Liu, Y. F.; Roschger, P.; Duda, G. N.; Fratzl, P.: Poorly ordered bone as an endogenous scaffold for the deposition of highly oriented lamellar tissue in rapidly growing ovine bone. Cells Tissues Organs 194 (2-4), pp. 119 - 123 (2011)
  37. Journal Article
    Khil'chenko, S. R.; Zaporozhets, T. S.; Shevchenko, N. M.; Zvyagintseva, T. N.; Vogel, U.; Seeberger, P. H.; Lepenies, B.: Immunostimulatory activity of fucoidan from the brown alga Fucus evanescens: role of sulfates and acetates. Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry 30 (4-6), pp. 291 - 305 (2011)
  38. Journal Article
    Kita-Tokarczyk, K.; Junginger, M.; Belegrinou, S.; Taubert, A.: Amphiphilic Polymers at Interfaces. Advances in Polymer Science, pp. 151 - 201 (2011)
  39. Journal Article
    Kolesnikova, T. A.; Fedorova, I. A.; Gusev, A. A.; Gorin, D. A.: Acute toxicity analysis of polyelectrolyte microcapsules with zinc oxide nanoparticles and microcapsule shell components using the aquatic organisms. Nanotechnologies in Russia 6 (3-4), pp. 244 - 255 (2011)
  40. Journal Article
    Kollmannsberger, P.; Bidan, C. M.; Dunlop, J. W. C.; Fratzl, P.: The physics of tissue patterning and extracellular matrix organisation: how cells join forces. Soft Matter 7 (20), pp. 9549 - 9560 (2011)
  41. Journal Article
    Kollmannsberger, P.; Fabry, B.: Linear and Nonlinear Rheology of Living Cells. Annual Review of Materials Research 41, pp. 75 - 97 (2011)
  42. Journal Article
    Kopetzki, D.; Antonietti, M.: Hydrothermal formose reaction. New Journal of Chemistry 35 (9), pp. 1787 - 1794 (2011)
  43. Journal Article
    Kunz, W.; Maurer, E.; Klein, R.; Touraud, D.; Rengstl, D.; Harrar, A.; Dengler, S.; Zech, O.: Low Toxic Ionic Liquids, Liquid Catanionics, and Ionic Liquid Microemulsions. Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology 32 (12 Sp. Iss. SI), pp. 1694 - 1699 (2011)
  44. Journal Article
    Kusumaatmaja, H.; Lipowsky, R.: Droplet-induced budding transitions of membranes. Soft Matter 7 (15), pp. 6914 - 6919 (2011)
  45. Journal Article
    Latnikova, A.; Grigoriev, D. O.; Hartmann, J.; Möhwald, H.; Shchukin, D. G.: Polyfunctional active coatings with damage-triggered water-repelling effect. Soft Matter 7 (2), pp. 369 - 372 (2011)
  46. Journal Article
    Laurino, P.; Kikkeri, R.; Azzouz, N.; Seeberger, P. H.: Detection of bacteria using glyco-dendronized polylysine prepared by continuous flow photofunctionalization. Nano Letters 11 (1), pp. 73 - 78 (2011)
  47. Journal Article
    Laurino, P.; Kikkeri, R.; Seeberger, P. H.: Continuous-flow reactor-based synthesis of carbohydrate and dihydrolipoic acid-capped quantum dots. Nature Protocols 6 (8), pp. 1209 - 1220 (2011)
  48. Journal Article
    Lausser, C.; Zahn, D.; Cölfen, H.: Barium titanate nanoparticle self-organization in an external electric field. Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (42), pp. 16978 - 16982 (2011)
  49. Journal Article
    Levesque, F.; Seeberger, P. H.: Highly efficient continuous flow reactions using singlet oxygen as a "green" reagent. Organic Letters 13 (19), pp. 5008 - 5011 (2011)
  50. Journal Article
    Liu, B.; de Folter, J. W. J.; Möhwald, H.: Magnetic nanoparticles-induced anisotropic shrinkage of polymer emulsion droplets. Soft Matter 7 (8), pp. 3744 - 3749 (2011)
  51. Journal Article
    Li, X.-H.; Chen, J.-S.; Wang, X. C.; Sun, J. H.; Antonietti, M.: Metal-Free Activation of Dioxygen by Graphene/g-C3N4 Nanocomposites: Functional Dyads for Selective Oxidation of Saturated Hydrocarbons. Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (21), pp. 8074 - 8077 (2011)
  52. Journal Article
    Li, X.-H.; Zhang, J. S.; Chen, X. F.; Fischer, A.; Thomas, A.; Antonietti, M.; Wang, X. C.: Condensed Graphitic Carbon Nitride Nanorods by Nanoconfinement: Promotion of Crystallinity on Photocatalytic Conversion. Chemistry of Materials 23 (19), pp. 4344 - 4348 (2011)
  53. Journal Article
    Maestro, A.; Guzman, E.; Chulia, R.; Ortega, F.; Rubio, R. G.; Miller, R.: Fluid to soft-glass transition in a quasi-2D system: thermodynamic and rheological evidences for a Langmuir monolayer. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13 (20), pp. 9534 - 9539 (2011)
  54. Journal Article
    Mantion, A.; Graf, P.; Florea, I.; Haase, A.; Thünemann, A. F.; Masic, A.; Ersen, O.; Rabu, P.; Meier, W.; Luch, A. et al.; Taubert, A.: Biomimetic synthesis of chiral erbium-doped silver/peptide/silica core-shell nanoparticles (ESPN). Nanoscale 3 (12), pp. 5168 - 5179 (2011)
  55. Journal Article
    Marquardt, D.; Xie, Z. L.; Taubert, A.; Thomann, R.; Janiak, C.: Microwave synthesis and inherent stabilization of metal nanoparticles in 1-methyl-3-(3-carboxyethyl)-imidazolium tetrafluoroborate. Dalton Transactions 40 (33), pp. 8290 - 8293 (2011)
  56. Journal Article
    Martin, C. E.; Weishaupt, M. W.; Seeberger, P. H.: Progress toward developing a carbohydrate-conjugate vaccine against Clostridium difficile ribotype 027: synthesis of the cell-surface polysaccharide PS-I repeating unit. Chemical Communications 47 (37), pp. 10260 - 10262 (2011)
  57. Journal Article
    Merbouh, N.; Brown, J. R.; Wallner, F.; Morton, M.; Esko, J. D.; Seeberger, P. H.: Rapid chemo-enzymatic synthesis of peracetylated GlcNAcβ3Galβ-Aglycones. Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry 30 (4-6), pp. 373 - 390 (2011)
  58. Journal Article
    Mutlu, H.; de Espinosa, L. M.; Meier, M. A. R.: Acyclic diene metathesis: a versatile tool for the construction of defined polymer architectures. Chemical Society Reviews 40 (3), pp. 1404 - 1445 (2011)
  59. Journal Article
    Negm, N. A.; Miller, R.: Sequential and simultaneous adsorption of mucin-4-[(dodecylimino)methyl]-N,N,N-trimethyl anilinium iodide mixed system using drop profile analysis tensiometry. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 391, pp. 145 - 149 (2011)
  60. Journal Article
    Nunes, C.; Brezesinski, G.; Lima, J. L. F. C.; Reis, S.; Lucio, M.: Effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on the structure of lipid bilayers: therapeutical aspects. Soft Matter 7 (6), pp. 3002 - 3010 (2011)
  61. Journal Article
    O'Brien, A. G.; Levesque, F.; Seeberger, P. H.: Continuous flow thermolysis of azidoacrylates for the synthesis of heterocycles and pharmaceutical intermediates. Chemical Communications 47 (9), pp. 2688 - 2690 (2011)
  62. Journal Article
    O'Brien, A. G.; Levesque, F.; Suzuki, Y.; Seeberger, P. H.: Safe use of azides in continuous flow. Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today 29 (3), pp. 57 - 60 (2011)
  63. Journal Article
    Oberli, M. A.; Hecht, M. L.; Bindschädler, P.; Adibekian, A.; Adam, T.; Seeberger, P. H.: A possible oligosaccharide-conjugate vaccine candidate for Clostridium difficile is antigenic and immunogenic. Chemistry & Biology 18 (5), pp. 580 - 588 (2011)
  64. Journal Article
    Portehault, D.; Devi, S.; Beaunier, P.; Gervais, C.; Giordano, C.; Sanchez, C.; Antonietti, M.: A General Solution Route toward Metal Boride Nanocrystals. Angewandte Chemie, International Edition 50 (14), pp. 3262 - 3265 (2011)
  65. Journal Article
    Pragani, R.; Seeberger, P. H.: Total synthesis of the bacteroides fragilis zwitterionic polysaccharide A1 repeating unit. Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (1), pp. 102 - 107 (2011)
  66. Journal Article
    Radziuk, D. V.; Möhwald, H.: Spectroscopic investigation of composite polymeric and monocrystalline systems with ionic conductivity. Polymers 3, pp. 674 - 692 (2011)
  67. Journal Article
    Ramirez, P.; Munoz, J.; Fainerman, V. B.; Aksenenko, E. V.; Mucic, N.; Miller, R.: Dynamic interfacial tension of triblock copolymers solutions at the water-hexan interface. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 391, pp. 119 - 124 (2011)
  68. Journal Article
    Reiche, I.; Müller, K.; Staude, A.; Goebbels, J.; Riesemeier, H.: Synchrotron radiation and laboratory micro X-ray computed tomography-useful tools for the material identification of prehistoric objects made of ivory, bone or antler. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 26 (9), pp. 1802 - 1812 (2011)
  69. Journal Article
    Roldan-Carmona, C.; Gonzalez-Delgado, A. M.; Guerrero-Martinez, A.; De Cola, L.; Giner-Casares, J. J.; Perez-Morales, M.; Martin-Romero, M. T.; Camacho, L.: Molecular organization and effective energy transfer in iridium metallosurfactant-porphyrin assemblies embedded in Langmuir-Schaefer films. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13 (7), pp. 2834 - 2841 (2011)
  70. Journal Article
    Ruprecht, C.; Mutwil, M.; Saxe, F.; Eder, M.; Nikoloski, Z.; Persson, S.: Large-scale co-expression approach to dissect secondary cell wall formation across plant species. Frontiers in Plant Physiology 2, 23 (2011)
  71. Journal Article
    Saparin, P.; Scherf, H.; Hublin, J. J.; Fratzl, P.; Weinkamer, R.: Structural adaptation of trabecular bone revealed by position resolved analysis of proximal femora of different primates. The Anatomical Record 294 (1), pp. 55 - 67 (2011)
  72. Journal Article
    Schelero, N.; Stocco, A.; Möhwald, H.; Zemb, T.: Pickering emulsions stabilized by stacked catanionic micro-crystals controlled by charge regulation. SOFT MATTER 7 (22), pp. 10694 - 10700 (2011)
  73. Journal Article
    Schlegel, M. K.; Hütter, J.; Eriksson, M.; Lepenies, B.; Seeberger, P. H.: Defined presentation of carbohydrates on a duplex DNA scaffold. ChemBioChem: A European Journal of Chemical Biology 12 (18), pp. 2791 - 2800 (2011)
  74. Journal Article
    Schnepp, Z.; Thomas, M.; Glatzel, S.; Schlichte, K.; Palkovits, R.; Giordano, C.: One pot route to sponge-like Fe3N nanostructures. Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (44), pp. 17760 - 17764 (2011)
  75. Journal Article
    Screen, H. R. C.; Seto, J.; Krauss, S.; Boesecke, P.; Gupta, H. S.: Extrafibrillar diffusion and intrafibrillar swelling at the nanoscale are associated with stress relaxation in the soft collagenous matrix tissue of tendons. Soft Matter 7 (23), pp. 11243 - 11251 (2011)
  76. Journal Article
    Sharipova, A.; Aidarova, S.; Fainerman, V. B.; Stocco, A.; Cernoch, P.; Miller, R.: Dynamics of adsorption of polyallylamine hydrochloride/sodium docecyl sulphate at water/air and water/hexane interfaces. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 391, pp. 112 - 118 (2011)
  77. Journal Article
    Sharipova, A.; Aidarova, S.; Mucic, N.; Miller, R.: Dilational rheology of polymer/surfactant mixtures at water/hexane interface. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 391, pp. 130 - 134 (2011)
  78. Journal Article
    Shchukin, D. G.; Möhwald, H.: Smart nanocontainers as depot media for feedback active coatings. Chemical Communications 47 (31), pp. 8730 - 8739 (2011)
  79. Journal Article
    Shen, Y. F.; Reparaz, J. S.; Wagner, M. R.; Hoffmann, A.; Thomsen, C.; Lee, J. O.; Heeg, S.; Hatting, B.; Reich, S.; Saeki, A. et al.; Seki, S.; Yoshida, K.; Babu, S. S.; Möhwald, H.; Nakanishi, T.: Assembly of carbon nanotubes and alkylated fullerenes: nanocarbon hybrid towards photovoltaic applications. CHEMICAL SCIENCE 2 (11), pp. 2243 - 2250 (2011)
  80. Journal Article
    Skirtach, A. G.; Yashchenok, A. M.; Möhwald, H.: Encapsulation, release and applications of LbL polyelectrolyte multilayer capsules. Chemical Communications 47 (48), pp. 12736 - 12746 (2011)
  81. Journal Article
    Skorb, E. V.; Andreeva, D. V.; Raiski, A. P.; Belyasova, N. A.; Möhwald, H.; Sviridov, D. V.: Titanium dioxide-assisted photocatalytic induction of prophages to lytic cycle. PHOTOCHEMICAL & PHOTOBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES 10 (12), pp. 1974 - 1978 (2011)
  82. Journal Article
    Skorb, E. V.; Fix, D.; Shchukin, D. G.; Möhwald, H.; Sviridov, D. V.; Mousa, R.; Wanderka, N.; Schäferhans, J.; Pazos-Perez, N.; Fery, A. et al.; Andreeva, D. V.: Sonochemical formation of metal sponges. Nanoscale 3 (3), pp. 985 - 993 (2011)
  83. Journal Article
    Song, W. X.; Yang, Y.; Möhwald, H.; Li, J. B.: Two-dimensional polyelectrolyte hollow sphere arrays at a liquid-air interface. Soft Matter 7 (2), pp. 359 - 362 (2011)
  84. Journal Article
    Speck, T.; Burgert, I.: Plant Stems: Functional Design and Mechanics. Annual Review of Materials Research 41, pp. 169 - 193 (2011)
  85. Journal Article
    Stefaniu, C.; Chanana, M.; Ahrens, H.; Wang, D. Y.; Brezesinski, G.; Möhwald, H.: Conformational induced behaviour of copolymer-capped magnetite nanoparticles at the air/water interface. Soft Matter 7 (9), pp. 4267 - 4275 (2011)
  86. Journal Article
    Stocco, A.; Garcia-Moreno, F.; Manke, I.; Banhart, J.; Langevin, D.: Particle-stabilised foams: structure and aging. Soft Matter 7 (2), pp. 631 - 637 (2011)
  87. Journal Article
    Stocco, A.; Rio, E.; Binks, B. P.; Langevin, D.: Aqueous foams stabilized solely by particles. Soft Matter 7 (4), pp. 1260 - 1267 (2011)
  88. Journal Article
    Su, F. Z.; Mathew, S. C.; Möhlmann, L.; Antonietti, M.; Wang, X. C.; Blechert, S.: Aerobic Oxidative Coupling of Amines by Carbon Nitride Photocatalysis with Visible Light. Angewandte Chemie, International Edition 50 (3), pp. 657 - 660 (2011)
  89. Journal Article
    Tamborrini, M.; Bauer, M.; Bolz, M.; Maho, A.; Oberli, M. A.; Werz, D. B.; Schelling, E.; Zinsstag, J.; Seeberger, P. H.; Frey, J. et al.; Pluschke, G.: Identification of an African Bacillus anthracis lineage that lacks expression of the spore surface-associated anthrose-containing oligosaccharide. Journal of Bacteriology 193 (14), pp. 3506 - 3511 (2011)
  90. Journal Article
    Tauer, K.; Hernandez, H.; Weber, N.; Roohi, F.: Molecular Versus Conventional Kinetics of Emulsion Polymerization. Macromolecular Symposia, pp. 110 - 120 (2011)
  91. Journal Article
    ten Brummelhuis, N.; Schlaad, H.: Stimuli-responsive star polymers through thiol-yne core functionalization/crosslinking of block copolymer micelles. Polymer Chemistry 2 (5), pp. 1180 - 1184 (2011)
  92. Journal Article
    Thiel, K.; Klamroth, T.; Strauch, P.; Taubert, A.: On the interaction of ascorbic acid and the tetrachlorocuprate ion [CuCl₄]2- in CuCl nanoplatelet formation from an ionic liquid precursor (ILP). Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13 (30), pp. 13537 - 13543 (2011)
  93. Journal Article
    Tsai, Y. H.; Götze, S.; Azzouz, N.; Hahm, H. S.; Seeberger, P. H.; Varón Silva, D.: A general method for synthesis of GPI anchors illustrated by the total synthesis of the low-molecular-weight antigen from Toxoplasma gondi. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 50 (42), pp. 9961 - 9964 (2011)
  94. Journal Article
    Unterlass, M. M.; Kopetzki, D.; Antonietti, M.; Weber, J.: Mechanistic study of hydrothermal synthesis of aromatic polyimides. Polymer Chemistry 2 (8), pp. 1744 - 1753 (2011)
  95. Journal Article
    Verch, A.; Gebauer, D.; Antonietti, M.; Cölfen, H.: How to control the scaling of CaCO3: a "fingerprinting technique" to classify additives. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13 (37), pp. 16811 - 16820 (2011)
  96. Journal Article
    Vollhardt, D.; Nandi, N.; Banik, S. D.: Nanoaggregate shapes at the air/water interface. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13 (11), pp. 4812 - 4829 (2011)
  97. Journal Article
    Volodkin, D.; Skirtach, A.; Madaboosi, N.; Blacklock, J.; Klitzing, R. v.; Lankenau, A.; Duschl, C.; Möhwald, H.: IR-light triggered drug delivery from micron-sized polymer biocoatings. Journal of Controlled Release 148, pp. E70 - E71 (2011)
  98. Journal Article
    Volodkin, D.; Skirtach, A.; Möhwald, H.: LbL Films as Reservoirs for Bioactive Molecules. BIOACTIVE SURFACES, pp. 135 - 161 (2011)
  99. Journal Article
    Vysotsky, U. B.; Belyaeva, E. A.; Fomina, E. S.; Fainerman, V. B.; Aksenenko, E. V.; Vollhardt, D.; Miller, R.: Superposition-additive approach: thermodynamic parameters of clusterization of monosubstituted alkanes at the air/water interface. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13, pp. 20927 - 20932 (2011)
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