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  • Vorwort
  • Das Institut in Zahlen
  • Das Forschungsprogramm des Max-Planck-Instituts für Kolloid- und Grenzflächenforschung
  • Wissenschaftliche Beziehungen
  • Internationale Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) über Biomimetische Systeme
  • Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

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  • Research in the Department of Biomolecular Systems · Prof. P. H. Seeberger


  • Targeting C-type Lectins to Modulate Immune Responses · Dr. B. Lepenies

Carbohydrate Synthesis

  • Automated Solid Phase Synthesis of Complex Carbohydrates · Dr. S. Eller


  • Quantitative Glycomics and Glycoproteomics for Biomarker Discovery · Dr. D. Kolarich

Precision Polymers and Polymeric Biomimetics

  • Solid Phase Polymer Synthesis · Dr. L. Hartmann

Biomolecular Systems

  • Synthetic Carbohydrate Vaccines · Dr. C. Martin
  • Continuous Flow Reactors as Tools for Organic Chemists · Dr. A. O’Brien, Dr. F. Levesque

(GPIs) and Glycoproteins

  • Glycosylphosphatidylinositols · Dr. D. V. Silva

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  • Research in the Department of Biomaterials · Prof. P. Fratzl

Biological Materials

  • Bone Regeneration · Dr. I. Manjubala
  • Mechanobiology · Dr. R. Weinkamer
  • Biochemical Strategies in Load-Bearing Natural Materials · Dr. M. Harrington
  • Calcified Cartilage in Shark Skeletons · Dr. M. Dean
  • Spider Cuticle – A Study of the Structure-Function Relation · Dr. Y. Politi

Biological and Bio-inspired Materials

  • Hierarchical Structure of Biological & Biomimetic Materials · Dr. W. Wagermaier
  • Plant Biomechanics and Biomimetics · Dr. habil. I. Burgert
  • Biomimetic Actuation and Tissue Growth · Dr. J. Dunlop
  • Magnetite and Hierarchical Systems · Dr. D. Faivre
  • Bio-inspired Hybrid Materials and Synchrotron Research · Dr. B. Aichmayer
  • Advanced Raman Spectroscopic Imaging of Biological Tissues · Dr. A. Mašić
  • Nanometer and Micrometer Studies of Human Teeth and Relations to Dental Restorations · Dr. P. Zaslansky

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Kapitel 4


  • Research in the Department of Colloid Chemistry · Prof. M. Antonietti

Heterophase Polymerization

  • Polymer Dispersions / Heterophase Polymerizations · Dr. K. Tauer

Porous Polymers

  • From Polymer Synthesis to Porosity Analysis · Dr. J. Weber

Chimera Polymers and Novel Polymerization Techniques

  • Bioinspired Polymers and Colloids · Dr. H. Schlaad

Modern Techniques of Colloid Analysis

  • Electron Microscopic Studies of Colloidal Systems and Biomaterials · Dr. J. Hartmann

Hydrothermal Carbon Nanostructures and Coatings

  • Sustainable Functional Nanostructured Materials · Dr. M. M. Titirici

De Novo Nanoparticles

  • De Novo Nanoparticles: Novel Synthetic Routes for Nanoparticles Production · Dr. C. Giordano

International Joint Laboratory

  • Artificial Photosynthesis · Dr. Xinchen Wang

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Kapitel 5


  • Research in the Department of Interfaces · Prof. H. Möhwald

(Quasi) Planar Interfaces – Fluid Interfaces

  • Langmuir Monolayers as Model Systems to Study Interactions at Interfaces · Prof. G. Brezesinski
  • Replacement of Proteins by Surfactants from Adsorbed Interfacial Layers · Dr. R. Miller

Solid Interfaces

  • Phase Transitions and Transport Phenomena in Thin Films at Solid/Air Interfaces · Dr. H. Riegler

Non-Planar Interfaces

  • Joint French-German Laboratory (LEA) on Sonochemistry · Prof. H. Möhwald
  • Active Interfaces and Coatings · Dr. D. Shchukin
  • Ordering of Functional Nanoparticles · Dr. D. Wang
  • Nanotechnology and optical manipulations of capsules and films · Dr. A. Skirtach

International Joint Laboratory

  • Molecular Assemblies of Biomimetic Systems and Nanostructured Design · Prof. J. Li

MPI-NIMS International Joint Laboratory

  • Supramolecular Architectures · Dr. T. Nakanishi

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Kapitel 6


  • Research in the Department of Theory & Bio-Systems · Prof. R. Lipowsky

Polymers and Proteins

  • The Power of Polypeptides from a Molecular Perspective · Dr. V. Knecht
  • Discrete Energy Landscapes of Proteins · Dr. T. Weikl
  • Nanoparticles and Polymer brushes · Dr. C. Seidel


  • Conformational Dynamics of Complex Oligosaccharides · Dr. M. Santer

Membranes and Vesicles

  • Membranes, Ions, and Water at Molecular Level · Dr. V. Knecht
  • Binding Cooperativity of Membrane Adhesion Receptors · Dr. T. Weikl
  • Vesicles in contact with two aqueous phases · Prof. R. Lipowsky

Complex Systems

  • Stochastic Processes in Bio-Systems · Dr. A. Valleriani
  • Regulation of Bio-Processes · Dr. S. Klumpp

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  • Organigramm
  • Fachbeirat
  • Drittmittelprojekte
  • Ausgewählte Veranstaltungen
  • Wissenschaftliche Abschlüsse
  • Personalien
  • Wissenschaftliche Veröffentlichungen und Patente

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