Science to Objects

Science to Objects

More than ever before, the lines between scientific disciplines, sectors such as industry & start‑ups, and all kinds of communication start to blur. This opens the field for various unimagined options but also makes the interplay around science very complex. Eventually, consensus of opinions to proceed towards this area is very high but realization into actual steps remains challenging.

During the last years, I gained experience in science from different perspectives, i.e. as a research group leader and coordinator, within industry and start-up contacts as well as communication and marketing (M.Sc. Science Marketing, TU Berlin).

Projects about to be completed include

  • Research on the synthesis of functional nano-carbon materials using natural coordination schemes
  • Coordination of the department research within MAXNET Energy, a consortium of 8 Max Planck Institutes and 2 international partner institutions, aiming at a deeper understanding of the electrocatalytic conversion of small molecules. This is currently passed on to our binder experts for more specific project implementation.

One of my current objectives is to contribute to the connection of science, innovation and public by establishing a “Flagship Project”. The underlying idea is to generate and further develop research findings into visible objects, i.e. “materialized science”. This is expected to improve the perception, possibilities and implications of scientific questions by addressing also communities beyond purely chemical application.

  • Recently, a new material which we call “RemixWood” was developed in our department. This material looks, feels and behaves like naturally grown wood but is actually derived from a mix of otherwise unused waste products. As we can precisely modify the material down to the nanostructure, it is possible to enhance or even add new properties to naturally grown wood.

This will open new applications but also alternative approaches to science as very pragmatic questions do not only require joint work of different backgrounds but especially a material to touch on. Therefore, I plan to bring RemixWood into the (Berlin-Brandenburg-based) Materials, Art & Architecture community to let “objects speak for themselves”.

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