Sustainable Catalyst Synthesis

For the Integrated continuous flow process to upgrade lignocellulosic biomass towards fine chemicals with low cost, a catalyst in pellet shape is highly required. This catalyst should be contains a non-noble metal and able to work under aqueous phase for long time on stream at temperature above 100°C. For instance, Ni catalyst supported on porous nitrogen-doped carbon (NDC) pellets is a candidate. For this purpose, a simple, cheap, sustainable, scalable and efficient Ni catalysts supported on highly porous nitrogen-doped carbon can be produced using novel “kitchen-lab” approach. This approach is required only a noodle machine and an oven.  In this novel approach, we produce directly pellets that suitable for continuous flow systems. The synthesis protocol follows traditional pasta manufacturing (kg scale) and starts with a cheap and abundant carbon source such as semolina and ZnO nanoparticles as porogen. Followed by impregnation of the non- noble metal such as NI, Cu, Fe…etc.

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