2023/02: PolyLIFT enables labeling of many substrates & in high resolution for fluorescent information storage. Now out in Advanced Functional Materials. Congratulations to your first first-author paper, Sebastian!

2023/01: Welcome to the SAT group, Rong Tan!


2022/12: Thank you, Alexandra, for the hard work and a very successful PhD! We look forward to your PhD defense!

2022/10: We published our vapor-based activation approach for parallel glycosylation on membranes: VaporSPOT synthesis! Congratulations to Alex, Pietro, and the team! Out now in JACS:

2022/09: Thank you, Jasmin, for your fruitful work as a PhD student! We look forward to your PhD defense! Best wishes for your next steps in industry!

2022/07: We are excited about this MERS corona vaccine study from our partners at UKE Hamburg in Nature Communications, where we have identified distinct spike epitopes in the boosted immune response of vaccinees! Great job, Jasmin & Grigori!

2022/05: Congratulations to Dr. Junfang Zhang for an outstanding PhD and defense! The best things are still to come!

2022/04: Goodbye, Grigori, and all the best! We are sure that you will very successfully continue your career in industry!

2022/04: After years of intense development, our robotic laser synthesizer for infectious disease microarrays can now be used to screen the full Ebola virus proteome in single amino acid resolution. Big CONGRATULATIONS to Grigori and Jasmin for publishing their work in Advanced Materials!

2022/02: Our cover art was published as the inside front cover in Advanced Materials!

2022/02: Stephan’s and Sanghwa’s paper on solvent-free polymer transfer onto hydrophilic/-phobic surfaces is published in Langmuir. Great job!

2022/01: With the New Carbonization Concepts group from the Colloid Chemistry department, we contributed to their laser-patterned carbon as high-performance mechanical sensors, published in npj Flexible Electronics.

2022/01: We say goodbye again to Dominik. Thanks for your work and all the best for your future!

2022/01: Junfang won the best student presentation award at the ISN2A 2022 conference in Caparaica, Portugal. Congratulations!

2022/01: Our theoretical model on the material deposition by laser-induced forward transfer is out. Congratulations, Grigori!


2021/12: Fantastic news: Junfang found a new thin film preparation method to revolutionize our laser transfer process! Much higher resolution and rapid photochemistry are now possible in the microarray format! Collaboration with Nadja Tarakina & Nabyl Merbouh! Out now in Advanced Materials!

2021/11: Welcome back, Dominik Bierbaum, for another research assistantship!

2021/11: Congratulations to Yuxin for getting his cover art accepted at Chemistry – A European Journal!

2021/11: Congratulations to (now Dr.-Ing.) Grigori Paris for very successfully defending his PhD thesis! Great success!

2021/10: Pietro got a new job at Asparia Glycomics in San Sebastián. Thank you for the many ideas and projects. More publications coming soon. Fare well and all the best!

2021/10: Congratulations to Yuxin for publishing his first paper in our group! Great collaboration with Nabyl Merbouh from Simon Fraser University, Canada.

2021/10: Great job, Alexandra and Kassandra, for publishing our highly advanced multivalent microarray synthesis platform for lectin screening! Nice collaboration with Prof. Bernd Lepenies.

2021/10: Kudos to Pietro and Valentina for publishing their automated glycan assembly of peptidoglycan fragments, together with Prof. Jon Laman, Uni Groningen, Netherlands!

2021/09: Felix is back from four months of parental leave.

2021/06: Thank you for everything, Stephan, and congratulations to your new job at AKmira optronics!

2021/06: Our international project on Zika virus biomarker screening with partners from Brazil, USA, and Germany, was published RSC Med Chem! Check it out:

2021/05: Big news, out in Nature Communications! Introducing a laser-driven approach to print sensitizers with desired morphologies and layer thickness on different substrates like glass, carbon, & carbon nitride in milliseconds. Congratulations to Junfang for her inspiring work and a big thank you to our colleague Aleksandr Savateev from Colloids Department!

2021/04: Congratulations, Jasmin! Our SARS-CoV-2 peptide and glycan microarray study in collaboration with University Hospital Hamburg and CIC biomaGUNE is published:

2021/04: Kassandra finished her internship. Thank you for the great work, publication will follow soon!

2021/03: Congratulations to Valentina, finishing her M.Sc. thesis. Thank you for the nice job, which will be part of our upcoming manuscript.

2021/02: Celina finished her Internship. Thank you for the nice work, we learned a lot.


2020/12: Congratulations, Stephan, to your next publication! Smart idea to track heat by melting of alkanes, now out:

2020/12: Dominik finished his internship. Hope to welcome you back at some point!

2020/12: Welcome, Yuxin Liu, to the SAT group as a new PhD student!

2020/11: In collaboration with the Colloid Chemistry department (Ilic, Liedel, Antonietti, Oschatz), we contributed to the development of sustainable cathodes!

2020/10: Felix was selected to be a member of the Early Career Advisory Board of Chemistry – A European Journal.

2020/10: The group's research was presented in a science slam at the Futurium in Berlin by Felix.

2020/10: Welcome, Celina Lindner!

2020/09: Welcome, Dominik Bierbaum and Kassandra Hoetzel to your internships with the SAT group!

2020/09: Valentina Benazzi starts her M.Sc. thesis on the synthesis of glycans, supported by ERASMUS+. Benvenuto!

2020/09: We welcome Sanghwa Moon to her PhD work in the SAT group in collaboration with the group of Volker Strauß.

2020/09: Why peptide microarrays are great for rapid infectious disease research? Check out our review:

2020/08: Our cover art for Chem Eur J was accepted:

2020/07: Sebastian Ronneberger joins the team as a PhD student! Welcome!

2020/06: Best of Advanced Materials Technologies 2019: Our manuscript was highlighted by the editors.

2020/05: Our research in collaboration with the Becker and Addo labs on Ebola was published!

2020/05: Check out our new strategy on the synthesis of glycopeptide arrays from Marco and Alexandra. A collaboration with Alvaro Mallagaray (Lübeck) and the BMS department!

2020/04: Our preprint on screening Corona patients with full proteome peptide arrays is out!

2020/03: Congratulations to Grigori for being selected for the 70th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting.

2020/01: Stunningly well-defined nanoparticles: Check out Junfang’s smart approach to synthesize silver nanodimers.


2019/12: The yearly SAT group Christmas market meeting was a big success!

2019/12: Our cover art was accepted at Advanced Materials Technologies. Congratulations Stephan!

2019/11: High-speed camera observations and simulations let us understand our laser process in detail. Congrats, Grigori! Nice collaboration with the KIT Karlsruhe.

2019/10: Our DIY laser system was highlighted in the news.

2019/10: We developed a DIY laser system that enables everyone now to build their own microarrays.

2019/07: Welcome, Pietro, as a new member of the SAT group!

2019/07: Check out our review/perspective on how to prepare multivalent glycan arrays. Congratulations, Marco!

2019/04: Our cover art was accepted and features the April issue of Molecular & Cellular Proteomics!

2019/03: We screened Malaria patients with microarrays for specific antibody epitopes. A great collaboration with the Heidelberg University Hospital and many others!

2019/02: A collaborative effort with arrays in a novel Lab on a Disc system was published.

2019/01: Our manuscript on laser-based synthesis of peptoid arrays is out!

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