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Vortragender: R. Bar-Ziv, D. Chowdhury, B. Cooperman, M. Diehl, S. Diez, M. Ehrenberg, E. Frey, S. Grill, S. Gross, H. Hess, E. Holzbaur, A. Kolomeisky, K. Kruse, B. Maier, J. Onuchic, G. Oster, J. D. Puglisi, C. Schmidt, U. Seifert, P. Selvin, S. Sigrist, T. Strick…

Multiscale Motility of Molecular Motors

Molecular motors power many essential processes of life, from transporting cargoes in cells to processing the genetic information. Their functions are based on movements on many time and length scales, ranging from the sub-molecular to the cellular scale. This three-day symposium will highlight recent advances in the study of their function and their dynamics. The central topics of the meeting are Dynamics of single motors Cooperative transport by motor teams Information-processing motors (polymerases, ribosomes) [mehr]
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