Credit Point System

In order to monitor the participation in the curriculum of the IMPRS, we use the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) to determine the credit points associated to each activity.

The credit points will be allocated as follows:

  • Class course with one 2h lecture per week plus homework and study: 2 points
  • Specialized class course with one 1h lecture per week plus homework: 1 point
  • Participation in autumn workshop plus study: 4 points
  • Participation in spring workshop including presentation: 2 points
  • Participation in a student seminar on a broad scientific topic including presentation: 1 point
  • One semester of teaching or tutorial activity: 1 point
  • Participation in a soft skill or scientific skill seminar: 1 point
  • One poster or talk at an international conference: 1 point

A list of possible courses is provided in . Students are encouraged to choose suitable courses also outside of this list, upon an agreement with their thesis committee.

Each doctoral student is expected to collect 32 ECTS credit points before the end of his/her doctoral period according to the following list:

  • 18 points for the attendance of three autumn and three spring workshops
  • 6 points for the successful attendance of courses of their choice
  • 1 point for the active participation in a student seminar, including one oral presentation
  • 1 point for the teaching or tutorial activity during one semester
  • 2 points for the successful attendance of the lecture series in the first two semesters
  • 2 points for two soft skill and scientific skill seminars
  • 2 points for two posters or talks at two different international conferences


The choice of courses aimed at collecting the 6 credit points must be made in agreement with the thesis committee. Under this condition, IMPRS students should feel free to attend also courses offered by any other University or Institution. The successful attendance will be monitored and judged by the lecturer, who has to fill and sign a participation attest.

Students who have already attended similar courses during their M.Sc. or diploma study can ask for a transfer of up to 6 ECTS credit points. The decision will be taken by the lecturer upon written request of the doctoral student with copies to the executive board and the student's thesis committee. Each student is in charge of collecting the written confirmations of his/her course participation with the signature of the lecturer. These written confirmations are prerequisites for earning the IMPRS Certificate.

It will be certainly possible to collect more than 32 ECTS credit points by attending more soft skill or scientific skill seminars. The final IMPRS Certificate will emphasize such additional efforts.

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