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Sarhan, R. M.; Koopman, W.; Schütz, R.; Schmid, T.; Liebig, F.; Koetz, J.; Bargheer, M.: The importance of plasmonic heating for the plasmon-driven photodimerization of 4-nitrothiophenol. Scientific Reports 9, 3060 (2019)
Tang, T.; Wagermaier, W.; Schütz, R.; Wang, Q.; Eltit, F.; Fratzl, P.; Wang, R.: Hypermineralization in the femoral neck of the elderly. Acta Biomaterialia 89, S. 330 - 342 (2019)
Liebig, F.; Sarhan, R. M.; Sander, M.; Koopman, W. A.; Schütz, R.; Bargheer, M.; Koetz, J.: Deposition of gold nanotriangles in large scale close-packed monolayers for X-ray based temperature calibration and SERS monitoring of plasmon-driven catalytic reactions. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 9 (23), S. 20247 - 20253 (2017)
Lin, H.; Gong, J.; Eder, M.; Schütz, R.; Peng, H.; Dunlop, J. W. C.; Yuan, J.: Programmable actuation of porous poly(ionic liquid) membranes by aligned carbon nanotubes. Advanced Materials Interfaces 4 (1), 1600768 (2017)
Masic, A.; Schütz, R.; Bertinetti, L.; Li, C.; Siegel, S.; Metzger, T. H.; Wagermaier, W.; Fratzl, P.: Multiscale analysis of mineralized collagen combining X-ray scattering and fluorescence with Raman spectroscopy under controlled mechanical, thermal, and humidity environments. ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 3 (11), S. 2853 - 2859 (2017)
Rieu, C.; Bertinetti, L.; Schütz, R.; Salinas-Zavala, C. C.; Weaver, J. C.; Fratzl, P.; Miserez, A.; Masic, A.: The role of water on the structure and mechanical properties of a thermoplastic natural block co-polymer from squid sucker ring teeth. Bioinspiration & Biomimetics 11 (5), 055003 (2016)
Schrof, S.; Varga, P.; Hesse, B.; Schöne, M.; Schütz, R.; Masic, A.; Raum, K.: Multimodal correlative investigation of the interplaying micro-architecture, chemical composition and mechanical properties of human cortical bone tissue reveals predominant role of fibrillar organization in determining microelastic tissue properties. Acta Biomaterialia 44, S. 51 - 64 (2016)
Bertinetti, L.; Masic, A.; Schütz, R.; Barbetta, A.; Seidt, B.; Wagermaier, W.; Fratzl, P.: Osmotically driven tensile stress in collagen-based mineralized tissues. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 52 (Special Issue: Collagen mechanics), S. 14 - 21 (2015)
Guggolz, T.; Henne, S.; Politi, Y.; Schütz, R.; Mašić, A.; Müller, C. H. G.; Meißner, K.: Histochemical evidence of β-chitin in parapodial glandular organs and tubes of Spiophanes (Annelida, Sedentaria: Spionidae), and first studies on selected Annelida. Journal of Morphology 276 (12), S. 1433 - 1447 (2015)
Masic, A.; Bertinetti, L.; Schütz, R.; Chang, S.-W.; Metzger, T. H.; Buehler, M. J.; Fratzl, P.: Osmotic pressure induced tensile forces in tendon collagen. Nature Communications 6, 5942 (2015)
Schütz, R.; Fix, D.; Schade, U.; Aziz, E. F.; Timofeeva, N.; Weinkamer, R.; Masic, A.: Anisotropy in bone demineralization revealed by polarized far-IR spectroscopy. Molecules 20 (4), S. 5835 - 5850 (2015)
Radziuk, D. V.; Schütz, R.; Masic, A.; Möhwald, H.: Chemical imaging of live fibroblasts by SERS effective nanofilm. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (44), S. 24621 - 24634 (2014)
Schütz, R.; Bertinetti, L.; Rabin, I.; Fratzl, P.; Masic, A.: Quantifying degradation of collagen in ancient manuscripts: the case of the Dead Sea Temple Scroll. Analyst 138 (19), S. 5594 - 5599 (2013)
Pinzari, F.; Colaizzi, P.; Maggi, O.; Persiani, A. M.; Schütz, R.; Rabin, I.: Fungal bioleaching of mineral components in a twentieth-century illuminated parchment. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 402 (4), S. 1541 - 1550 (2012)
Masic, A.; Bertinetti, L.; Schütz, R.; Galvis, L.; Timofeeva, N.; Dunlop, J. W. C.; Seto, J.; Hartmann, M. A.; Fratzl, P.: Observations of multiscale, stress-induced changes of collagen orientation in tendon by polarized Raman spectroscopy. Biomacromolecules 12 (11), S. 3989 - 3996 (2011)

Meeting Abstract (1)

Meeting Abstract
Schütz, R.; Rabin, I.; Hahn, O.; Fratzl, P.; Masic, A.: In-situ Damage Assessment of Collagen within Ancient Manuscripts Written on Parchment: A Polarized Raman Spectroscopy Approach. In AIP Conference Proceedings, 1267 (1), S. 319 - 320. 22nd International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy, Boston, MA, 08. August 2010 - 13. August 2010. (2010)

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Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit
Schütz, R.: The temple scroll and the structural properties of collagen. Dissertation, 157, VIII S., Technische Universität, Berlin (2015)
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