Research Projects

Deviations from the classic Gouy-Chapman (GC) model due to the finite size of hydrated counterions have been tested for negatively charged Langmuir monolayers with different sur-face charge densities [more]
Self-assembling and ordering of DNA molecules at planar oppositely charged surfaces is of particular interest for the elaboration of biomaterials, functional nanostructures, DNA-chips, biosensors and nanodevices. [more]
Langmuir monolayers of phospholipids are highly suitable models to study enzymatic reactions at interfaces since they allow an easy manipulation of many parameters in a well-defined way. [more]
β-sheet forming Peptides
Antimicrobial Peptides [more]
Nowadays the interest in the research of Nanoparticles–polymer composite materials is continuously growing due to their multiple potential applications [more]
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