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  1. 2009
    Vysotsky, Y. B.; Fomina, E. S.; Belyaeva, E. A.; Aksenenko, E. V.; Vollhardt, D.; Miller, R.: Quantum-Chemical Analysis of Thermodynamics of Two-Dimensional Cluster Formation of α-Amino Acids at the Air/Water Interface. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 113 (52), S. 16557 - 16567 (2009)
  2. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Korn, C. B.; Klumpp, S.; Lipowsky, R.; Schwarz, U. S.: Stochastic simulations of cargo transport by processive molecular motors. Journal of Chemical Physics 131 (24), 245107 (2009)
  3. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Klumpp, S.; Zhang, Z.; Hwa, T.: Growth Rate-Dependent Global Effects on Gene Expression in Bacteria. Cell 139 (7), S. 1366 - 1375 (2009)
  4. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Bertin, A.; Schlaad, H.: Mild and Versatile (Bio-)Functionalization of Glass Surfaces via Thiol-Ene Photochemistry. Chemistry of Materials 21 (24), S. 5698 - 5700 (2009)
  5. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Wencka, M.; Jelen, A.; Jagodic, M.; Khare, V.; Ruby, C.; Dolinsek, J.: Magnetic and EPR study of ferric green rust- and ferrihydrite-coated sand prepared by different synthesis routes. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 42 (24), 245301 (2009)
  6. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Volodkin, D. V.; Madaboosi, N.; Blacklock, J.; Skirtach, A. G.; Möhwald, H.: Surface-Supported Multilayers Decorated with Bio-active Material Aimed at Light-Triggered Drug Delivery. Langmuir 25 (24), S. 14037 - 14043 (2009)
  7. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Wong, J. E.; Zastrow, H.; Jaeger, W.; von Klitzing, R.: Specific Ion versus Electrostatic Effects on the Construction of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers. Langmuir 25 (24), S. 14061 - 14070 (2009)
  8. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Chen, Z. G.; Zhang, L. S.; Sun, Y. G.; Hu, J. Q.; Wang, D. Y.: 980-nm Laser-Driven Photovoltaic Cells Based on Rare-Earth Up-Converting Phosphors for Biomedical Applications. Advanced Functional Materials 19 (23), S. 3815 - 3820 (2009)
  9. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Kusumaatmaja, H.; Li, Y. H.; Dimova, R.; Lipowsky, R.: Intrinsic Contact Angle of Aqueous Phases at Membranes and Vesicles. Physical Review Letters 103 (23), 238103 (2009)
  10. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Bahtz, J.; Knorr, D.; Tedeschi, C.; Leser, M. E.; Valles-Pamies, B.; Miller, R.: Adsorption of octanoic acid at the water/oil interface. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 74 (2 Sp. Iss.), S. 492 - 497 (2009)
  11. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Blecua, P.; Brinkmann, M.; Lipowsky, R.; Kierfeld, J.: Morphological Transitions of Liquid Droplets on Circular Surface Domains. Langmuir 25 (23), S. 13493 - 13502 (2009)
  12. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Chanana, M.; Mao, Z. W.; Wang, D. Y.: Using Polymers to Make Up Magnetic Nanoparticles for Biomedicine. Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology 5 (6 Sp. Iss.), S. 652 - 668 (2009)
  13. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Delajon, C.; Gutberlet, T.; Möhwald, H.; Krastev, R.: Absorption of light and heavy water vapours in polyelectrolyte multilayer films. Colloids and Surfaces B-Biointerfaces 74 (2 Sp. Iss.), S. 462 - 467 (2009)
  14. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Gromelski, S.; Saraiva, A. M.; Krastev, R.; Brezesinski, G.: The formation of lipid bilayers on surfaces. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 74 (2 Sp. Iss.), S. 477 - 483 (2009)
  15. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Kazakov, V. N.; Udod, A. A.; Zinkovych, I. I.; Fainerman, V. B.; Miller, R.: Dynamic surface tension of saliva: General relationships and application in medical diagnostics. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 74 (2 Sp. Iss.), S. 457 - 461 (2009)
  16. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Stocco, A.; Tauer, K.: High-resolution ellipsometric studies on fluid interfaces. European Physical Journal E 30 (4), S. 431 - 438 (2009)
  17. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Vollhardt, D.: In honour of Professor Hans Kuhn Preface. Colloids and Surfaces B-Biointerfaces 74 (2 Sp. Iss.), S. 391 - 392 (2009)
  18. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Fratzl, P.; Barth, F. G.: Biomaterial systems for mechanosensing and actuation. Nature 462 (7272), S. 442 - 448 (2009)
  19. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Blow, M. L.; Kusumaatmaja, H.; Yeomans, J. M.: Imbibition through an array of triangular posts. Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 21 (46), 464125 (2009)
  20. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Gzyl-Malcher, B.; Filek, M.; Brezesinski, G.: Influence of Cadmium and Selenate on the Interactions between Hormones and Phospholipids. Langmuir 25 (22), S. 13071 - 13076 (2009)
  21. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Jun, Y. S.; Hong, W. H.; Antonietti, M.; Thomas, A.: Mesoporous, 2D Hexagonal Carbon Nitride and Titanium Nitride/Carbon Composites. Advanced Materials 21 (42), S. 4270 - 4274 (2009)
  22. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Giordano, C.; Erpen, C.; Yao, W. T.; Milke, B.; Antonietti, M.: Metal Nitride and Metal Carbide Nanoparticles by a Soft Urea Pathway. Chemistry of Materials 21 (21), S. 5136 - 5144 (2009)
  23. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Müller, V.; Rasp, M.; Stefanic, G.; Ba, J. H.; Günther, S.; Rathousky, J.; Niederberger, M.; Fattakhova-Rohlfing, D.: Highly Conducting Nanosized Monodispersed Antimony-Doped Tin Oxide Particles Synthesized via Nonaqueous Sol-Gel Procedure. Chemistry of Materials 21 (21), S. 5229 - 5236 (2009)
  24. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Noe, F.; Schütte, C.; Vanden-Eijnden, E.; Reich, L.; Weikl, T. R.: Constructing the equilibrium ensemble of folding pathways from short off-equilibrium simulations. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 106 (45), S. 19011 - 19016 (2009)
  25. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Ritter, N.; Antonietti, M.; Thomas, A.; Senkovska, I.; Kaskel, S.; Weber, J.: Binaphthalene-Based, Soluble Polyimides: The Limits of Intrinsic Microporosity. Macromolecules 42 (21), S. 8017 - 8020 (2009)
  26. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Weber, J.; Bergström, L.: Impact of Cross-Linking Density and Glassy Chain Dynamics on Pore Stability in Mesoporous Poly(styrene). Macromolecules 42 (21), S. 8234 - 8240 (2009)
  27. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Zhu, J. J.; Thomas, A.: Perovskite-type mixed oxides as catalytic material for NO removal. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 92 (3-4), S. 225 - 233 (2009)
  28. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Viswanath, P.; Aroti, A.; Motschmann, H.; Leontidis, E.: Vibrational Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopic Investigation of the Interaction of Thiocyanate Ions with Zwitterionic Phospholipid Monolayers at the Air-Water Interface. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 113 (44), S. 14816 - 14823 (2009)
  29. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Gorin, D. A.; Yashchenok, A. M.; Manturov, A. O.; Kolesnikova, T. A.; Möhwald, H.: Effect of Layer-by-Layer Electrostatic Assemblies on the Surface Potential and Current Voltage Characteristic of Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Structures. Langmuir 25 (21), S. 12529 - 12534 (2009)
  30. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Loglio, G.; Pandolfini, P.; Miller, R.; Ravera, F.: Optical Observation of High-Frequency Drop Oscillations by a Spectrum Compression Technique applied to the Capillary Pressure Tensiometry. Langmuir 25 (21), S. 12780 - 12786 (2009)
  31. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Fei, J. B.; Cui, Y.; Yan, X. H.; Yang, Y.; Wang, K. W.; Li, J. B.: Controlled Fabrication of Polyaniline Spherical and Cubic Shells with Hierarchical Nanostructures. ACS Nano 3 (11), S. 3714 - 3718 (2009)
  32. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Gorin, D. A.; Yashchenok, A. M.; Koksharov, Y. A.; Neveshkin, A. A.; Serdobintsev, A. A.; Grigoriev, D. O.; Khomutov, G. B.: Surface Morphology and Optical and Magnetic Properties of Polyelectrolyte/Magnetite Nanoparticles Nanofilms. Technical Physics 54 (11), S. 1675 - 1680 (2009)
  33. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Guskova, O. A.; Pal, S.; Seidel, C.: Organization of nanoparticles at the polymer brush-solvent interface. EPL 88 (3), 38006 (2009)
  34. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Li, Z. H.; Taubert, A.: Cellulose/Gold Nanocrystal Hybrids via an Ionic Liquid/Aqueous Precipitation Route. Molecules 14 (11), S. 4682 - 4688 (2009)
  35. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Orts Gil, G.; Prévost, S.; Łosik, M.; Hermes, F.; Schlaad, H.; Hellweg, T.: Polypeptide hybrid copolymers as selective micellar nanocarriers in nonaqueous media. Colloid and Polymer Science 287 (11), S. 1295 - 1304 (2009)
  36. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Al-Sawalmih, A.; Li, C. H.; Siegel, S.; Fratzl, P.; Paris, O.: On the stability of amorphous minerals in lobster cuticle. Advanced Materials 21 (40), S. 4011 - 4015 (2009)
  37. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Zhang, Bin, B.; Hou, W. Y.; Ye, X. C.; Fu, S. Q.; Xie, Y.: Response To Comment On "1D Tellurium Nanostructures: Photothermally Assisted Morphology-Controlled Synthesis and Applications in Preparing Functional Nanoscale Materials". Advanced Functional Materials 19 (20), S. 3193 - 3194 (2009)
  38. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Song, W. X.; He, Q.; Möhwald, H.; Yang, Y.; Li, J. B.: Smart polyelectrolyte microcapsules as carriers for water-soluble small molecular drug. Journal of Controlled Release 139 (2), S. 160 - 166 (2009)
  39. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Noskov, B. A.; Grigoriev, D. O.; Latnikova, A. V.; Lin, S. Y.; Loglio, G.; Miller, R.: Impact of Globule Unfolding on Dilational Viscoelasticity of β-Lactoglobulin Adsorption Layers. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 113 (40), S. 13398 - 13404 (2009)
  40. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Vysotsky, Y. B.; Shved, A. A.; Belyaeva, E. A.; Aksenenko, E. V.; Fainerman, V. B.; Vollhardt, D.; Miller, R.: Quantum-Chemical Description of the Thermodynamic Characteristics of Clusterization of Melamine-type Amphiphiles at the Air/Water Interface. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 113 (40), S. 13235 - 13248 (2009)
  41. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Köhler, R.; Dönch, I.; Ott, P.; Laschewsky, A.; Fery, A.; Krastev, R.: Neutron Reflectometry Study of Swelling of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers in Water Vapors: Influence of Charge Density of the Polycation. Langmuir 25 (19), S. 11576 - 11585 (2009)
  42. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Antipina, M. N.; Schulze, I.; Heinze, M.; Dobner, B.; Langner, A.; Brezesinski, G.: Physical-Chemical Properties and Transfection Activity of Cationic Lipid/DNA Complexes. ChemPhysChem 10 (14), S. 2471 - 2479 (2009)
  43. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Palankar, R.; Skirtach, A. G.; Kreft, O.; Bedard, M.; Garstka, M.; Gould, K.; Möhwald, H.; Sukhorukov, G. B.; Winterhalter, M.; Springer, S.: Controlled Intracellular Release of Peptides from Microcapsules Enhances Antigen Presentation on MHC Class I Molecules. Small 5 (19), S. 2168 - 2176 (2009)
  44. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Bodenthin, Y.; Schwarz, G.; Tomkowicz, Z.; Lommel, M.; Geue, T.; Haase, W.; Möhwald, H.; Pietsch, U.; Kurth, D. G.: Spin-crossover phenomena in extended multi-component metallo-supramolecular assemblies. Coordination Chemistry Reviews 253 (19-20 Sp. Iss.), S. 2414 - 2422 (2009)
  45. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Chai, Y.; Klumpp, S.; Müller, M. J. I.; Lipowsky, R.: Traffic by multiple species of molecular motors. Physical Review E 80 (4), 041928 (2009)
  46. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Fratzl-Zelman, N.; Roschger, P.; Gourrier, A.; Weber, M.; Misof, B. M.; Loveridge, N.; Reeve, J.; Klaushofer, K.; Fratzl, P.: Combination of nanoindentation and quantitative backscattered electron imaging revealed altered bone material properties associated with femoral neck fragility. Calcified Tissue International 85 (4), S. 335 - 343 (2009)
  47. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Hartmann, M. A.; Fratzl, P.: Sacrificial ionic bonds need to be randomly distributed to provide shear deformability. Nano Letters 9 (10), S. 3603 - 3607 (2009)
  48. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Milke, B.; Strauch, P.; Antonietti, M.; Giordano, C.: Synthesis of LiyMnSiOx, and LiMnPO4 nanostructures. Nanoscale 1 (1), S. 110 - 113 (2009)
  49. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Nagar, A.: Condensation transition in a model with attractive particles and non-local hops. Journal of Statistical Mechanics-Theory and Experiment, P10003 (2009)
  50. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Roohi, F.; Fatoglu, Y.; Titirici, M. M.: Thermo-responsive columns for HPLC: The effect of chromatographic support and polymer molecular weight on the performance of the columns. Analytical Methods 1 (1), S. 52 - 58 (2009)
  51. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Chen, X. F.; Jun, Y. S.; Takanabe, K.; Maeda, K.; Domen, K.; Fu, X. Z.; Antonietti, M.; Wang, X. C.: Ordered Mesoporous SBA-15 Type Graphitic Carbon Nitride: A Semiconductor Host Structure for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution with Visible Light. Chemistry of Materials 21 (18), S. 4093 - 4095 (2009)
  52. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Yang, P.; Lipowsky, R.; Dimova, R.: Nanoparticle Formation in Giant Vesicles: Synthesis in Biomimetic Compartments. Small 5 (18), S. 2033 - 2037 (2009)
  53. Zeitschriftenartikel
    He, Q.; Möhwald, H.; Li, J. B.: Layer-by-Layer Assembled Nanotubes as Biomimetic Nanoreactors for Calcium Carbonate Deposition. Macromolecular Rapid Communications 30 (18), S. 1538 - 1542 (2009)
  54. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Navarro, S.; Shkilnyy, A.; Tiersch, B.; Taubert, A.; Menzel, H.: Preparation, Characterization, and Thermal Gelation of Amphiphilic Alkyl-poly(ethyleneimine). Langmuir 25 (18), S. 10558 - 10566 (2009)
  55. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Hernandez, H. F.; Tauer, K.: Modeling of Molecular Transfer in Heterophase Polymerization. Macromolecular Reaction Engineering 3 (7), S. 375 - 397 (2009)
  56. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Javadi, A.; Bastani, D.; Krägel, J.; Miller, R.: Interfacial instability of growing drop: Experimental study and conceptual analysis. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 347 (1-3 Sp. Iss. SI), S. 167 - 174 (2009)
  57. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Hartmann, L.; Börner, H. G.: Precision Polymers: Monodisperse, Monomer-Sequence-Defined Segments to Target Future Demands of Polymers in Medicine. Advanced Materials 21 (32-33 Sp. Iss.), S. 3425 - 3431 (2009)
  58. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Abasolo, W.; Eder, M.; Yamauchi, K.; Obel, N.; Reinecke, A.; Neumetzler, L.; Dunlop, J. W. C.; Mouille, G.; Pauly, M.; Hofte, H. et al.; Burgert, I.: Pectin May Hinder the Unfolding of Xyloglucan Chains during Cell Deformation: Implications of the Mechanical Performance of Arabidopsis Hypocotyls with Pectin Alterations. Molecular Plant 2 (5), S. 990 - 999 (2009)
  59. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Börner, H. G.: Strategies exploiting functions and self-assembly properties of bioconjugates for polymer and materials sciences. Progress in Polymer Science 34 (9), S. 811 - 851 (2009)
  60. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Kolasinska, M.; Gutberlet, T.; Krastev, R.: Ordering of Fe3O4 Nanoparticles in Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Films. Langmuir 25 (17), S. 10292 - 10297 (2009)
  61. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Reis, P.; Miller, R.; Leser, M.; Watzke, H.: Lipase-catalyzed Reactions at Interfaces of Two-phase Systems and Microemulsions. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 158 (3), S. 706 - 721 (2009)
  62. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Tan, I.; Zarafshani, Z.; Lutz, J. F.; Titirici, M. M.: PEGylated Chromatography: Efficient Bioseparation on Silica Monoliths Grafted with Smart Biocompatible Polymers. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 1 (9), S. 1869 - 1872 (2009)
  63. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Vieira, E. P.; Rocha, S.; Pereira, M. C.; Möhwald, H.; Coelho, M. A. N.: Adsorption and Diffusion of Plasma Proteins on Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Surfaces: Effect of Trifluoroethanol on Protein Structure. Langmuir 25 (17), S. 9879 - 9886 (2009)
  64. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Neira, I. S.; Kolen'ko, Y. V.; Lebedev, O. I.; Van Tendeloo, G.; Gupta, H. S.; Matsushita, N.; Yoshimura, M.; Guitian, F.: Rational synthesis of a nanocrystalline calcium phosphate cement exhibiting rapid conversion to hydroxyapatite. Materials Science and Engineering C: Materials for Biological Applications 29 (7), S. 2124 - 2132 (2009)
  65. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Kotsmar, C.; Pradines, V.; Alahverdjieva, V. S.; Aksenenko, E. V.; Fainerman, V. B.; Kovalchuk, V. I.; Krägel, J.; Leser, M. E.; Noskov, B. A.; Miller, R.: Thermodynamics, adsorption kinetics and rheology of mixed protein-surfactant interfacial layers. Advances in Colloid and Interface Science 150 (1 Sp. Iss.), S. 41 - 54 (2009)
  66. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Jähnert, S.; Müter, D.; Prass, J.; Zickler, G. A.; Paris, O.; Findenegg, G. H.: Pore Structure and Fluid Sorption in Ordered Mesoporous Silica. I. Experimental Study by in situ Small-Angle X-ray Scattering. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113 (34), S. 15201 - 15210 (2009)
  67. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Müter, D.; Jähnert, S.; Dunlop, J. W. C.; Findenegg, G. H.; Paris, O.: Pore Structure and Fluid Sorption in Ordered Mesoporous Silica. II. Modeling. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113 (34), S. 15211 - 15217 (2009)
  68. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Carrignon, C.; Makowski, P.; Antonietti, M.; Goettmann, F.: Chloride ion pairs as catalysts for the alkylation of aldehydes and ketones with C-H acidic compounds. Tetrahedron Letters 50 (34), S. 4833 - 4837 (2009)
  69. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Chen, X. F.; Zhang, J. S.; Fu, X. Z.; Antonietti, M.; Wang, X. C.: Fe-g-C3N4-Catalyzed Oxidation of Benzene to Phenol Using Hydrogen Peroxide and Visible Light. Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (33), S. 11658 - 11659 (2009)
  70. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Prass, J.; Müter, D.; Fratzl, P.; Paris, O.: Capillarity-driven deformation of ordered nanoporous silica. Applied Physics Letters 95 (8), 083121 (2009)
  71. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Zhang, J.; Wang, X.; Su, Q.; Zhi, L. J.; Thomas, A.; Feng, X. L.; Su, D. S.; Schlögl, R.; Müllen, K.: Metal-Free Phenanthrenequinone Cyclotrimer as an Effective Heterogeneous Catalyst. Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (32), S. 11296 - 11297 (2009)
  72. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Kunz, D. A.; Max, E.; Weinkamer, R.; Lunkenbein, T.; Breu, J.; Fery, A.: Deformation Measurements on Thin Clay Tactoids. Small 5 (16), S. 1816 - 1820 (2009)
  73. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Skorb, E. V.; Fix, D.; Andreeva, D. V.; Möhwald, H.; Shchukin, D. G.: Surface-Modified Mesoporous SiO2 Containers for Corrosion Protection. Advanced Functional Materials 19 (15), S. 2373 - 2379 (2009)
  74. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Han, Y. S.; Fuji, M.; Shchukin, D.; Möhwald, H.; Takahashi, M.: A New Model for the Synthesis of Hollow Particles via the Bubble Templating Method. Crystal Growth & Design 9 (8), S. 3771 - 3775 (2009)
  75. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Inderchand, M.; Liu, Y.; Epari, D. R.; Roschger, P.; Schell, H.; Fratzl, P.; Duda, G. N.: Spatial and temporal variations of mechanical properties and mineral content of the external callus during bone healing. Bone 45 (2), S. 185 - 192 (2009)
  76. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Konnerth, J.; Gierlinger, N.; Keckes, J.; Gindl, W.: Actual versus apparent within cell wall variability of nanoindentation results from wood cell walls related to cellulose microfibril angle. Journal of Materials Science 44 (16), S. 4399 - 4406 (2009)
  77. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Volodkin, D. V.; Delcea, M.; Möhwald, H.; Skirtach, A. G.: Remote Near-IR Light Activation of a Hyaluronic Acid/Poly(L-lysine) Multilayered Film and Film-Entrapped Microcapsules. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 1 (8), S. 1705 - 1710 (2009)
  78. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Li, D. X.; He, Q. A.; Li, J. B.: Smart core/shell nanocomposites: Intelligent polymers modified gold nanoparticles. Advances in Colloid and Interface Science 149 (1-2), S. 28 - 38 (2009)
  79. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Djerdj, I.; Cao, M. H.; Rocquefelte, X.; Cerny, R.; Jaglicic, Z.; Arcon, D.; Potocnik, A.; Gozzo, F.; Niederberger, M.: Structural Characterization of a Nanocrystalline Inorganic-Organic Hybrid with Fiberlike Morphology and One-Dimensional Antiferromagnetic Properties. Chemistry of Materials 21 (14), S. 3356 - 3369 (2009)
  80. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Skorb, E. V.; Shchukin, D. G.; Möhwald, H.; Sviridov, D. V.: Photocatalytically-active and photocontrollable coatings based on titania-loaded hybrid sol-gel films. Journal of Materials Chemistry 19 (28), S. 4931 - 4937 (2009)
  81. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Wang, Y. D.; Djerdj, I.; Smarsly, B.; Antonietti, M.: Antimony-Doped SnO2 Nanopowders with High Crystallinity for Lithium-Ion Battery Electrode. Chemistry of Materials 21 (14), S. 3202 - 3209 (2009)
  82. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Li, X.; Kierfeld, J.; Lipowsky, R.: Actin Polymerization and Depolymerization Coupled to Cooperative Hydrolysis. Physical Review Letters 103 (4), 048102 (2009)
  83. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Blanco, E.; Pineiro, A.; Miller, R.; Ruso, J. M.; Prieto, G.; Sarmiento, F.: Langmuir Monolayers of a Hydrogenated/Fluorinated Catanionic Surfactant: From the Macroscopic to the Nanoscopic Size Scale. Langmuir 25 (14), S. 8075 - 8082 (2009)
  84. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Schmidt, J.; Werner, M.; Thomas, A.: Conjugated Microporous Polymer Networks via Yamamoto Polymerization. Macromolecules 42 (13), S. 4426 - 4429 (2009)
  85. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Elzbieciak, M.; Kolasinska, M.; Zapotoczny, S.; Krastev, R.; Nowakowska, M.; Warszynski, P.: Nonlinear growth of multilayer films formed from weak polyelectrolytes. Colloids and Surfaces A-Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 343 (1-3 Sp. Iss.), S. 89 - 95 (2009)
  86. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Feng, X. L.; Liang, Y. Y.; Zhi, L. J.; Thomas, A.; Wu, D. Q.; Lieberwirth, I.; Kolb, U.; Müllen, K.: Synthesis of Microporous Carbon Nanofibers and Nanotubes from Conjugated Polymer Network and Evaluation in Electrochemical Capacitor. Advanced Functional Materials 19 (13), S. 2125 - 2129 (2009)
  87. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Ma, Y. R.; Mehltretter, G.; Plug, C.; Rademacher, N.; Schmidt, M. U.; Cölfen, H.: PY181 Pigment Microspheres of Nanoplates Synthesized via Polymer-Induced Liquid Precursors. Advanced Functional Materials 19 (13), S. 2095 - 2101 (2009)
  88. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Fuhrmans, M.; Knecht, V.; Marrink, S. J.: A Single Bicontinuous Cubic Phase Induced by Fusion Peptides. Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (26), S. 9166 - 9167 (2009)
  89. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Guo, K. K.; Shillcock, J.; Lipowsky, R.: Self-assembly of actin monomers into long filaments: Brownian dynamics simulations. Journal of Chemical Physics 131 (1), 015102 (2009)
  90. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Maestro, A.; Ortega, F.; Monroy, F.; Krägel, J.; Miller, R.: Molecular Weight Dependence of the Shear Rheology of Poly (methyl methacrylate) Langmuir Films: A Comparison between Two Different Rheometry Techniques. Langmuir 25 (13), S. 7393 - 7400 (2009)
  91. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Abdullayev, E.; Price, R.; Shchukin, D.; Lvov, Y.: Halloysite Tubes as Nanocontainers for Anticorrosion Coating with Benzotriazole. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 1 (7), S. 1437 - 1443 (2009)
  92. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Berger, F.; Müller, M. J. I.; Lipowsky, R.: Enhancement of the processivity of kinesin-transported cargo by myosin V. EPL 87 (2), 28002 (2009)
  93. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Burgert, I.; Fratzl, P.: Plants control the properties and actuation of their organs through the orientation of cellulose fibrils in their cell walls. Integrative and Comparative Biology 49 (1), S. 69 - 79 (2009)
  94. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Dunlop, J. W. C.; Hartmann, M. A.; Bréchet, Y. J.; Fratzl, P.; Weinkamer, R.: New suggestions for the mechanical control of bone remodeling. Calcified Tissue International 85 (1), S. 45 - 54 (2009)
  95. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Harrington, M. J.; Gupta, H. S.; Fratzl, P.; Waite, J. H.: Collagen insulated from tensile damage by domains that unfold reversibly: In situ X-ray investigation of mechanical yield and damage repair in the mussel byssus. Journal of Structural Biology 167 (1), S. 47 - 54 (2009)
  96. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Seeberger, P. H.: Scavengers in full flow. Nature Chemistry 1 (4), S. 258 - 260 (2009)
  97. Zeitschriftenartikel
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  98. Zeitschriftenartikel
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