Content Report 07/08

Chapter 1

The Institute in Numbers
The Research Program of the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces (MPI-CI)
Scientific Relations
International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) on Biomimetic Systems
Press- and Public Relations

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Chapter 2

Research in the Department of Biomaterials, Prof. P. Fratzl

Biological Materials
Bone Material Quality and Osteoporosis, Prof. P. Fratzl, Dr. A. Mašić
Hierarchical Connective Tissues, Dr. H. S. Gupta
Bone Regeneration, Dr. I. Manjubala
Mechanobiology, Dr. R. Weinkamer

Biological and Biomimetic Materials
Plant Biomechanics and Biomimetics, Dr. I. Burgert
Molecular Biomimetics and Magnet Biomineralization, Dr. D. Faivre
From Microstructure to Mechanical Function, Prof. P. Fratzl, Dr. J. Dunlop, Dr. P. Zaslansky,
Dr. N. Gierlinger

Bio-Inspired Materials
Biogenic Minerals and Bio-Inspired Nano-Composites, Dr. B. Aichmayer
Mesoscale Materials and Synchrotron Research, Dr. O. Paris

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Chapter 3

Research in the Department of Colloid Chemistry, Prof. M. Antonietti

Heterophase Polymerization
Polymer Dispersions/Heterophase Polymerizations, Dr. K. Tauer

Biomimetic Mineralization and Crystal Growth Control
Bio-Inspired Mineralization, Dr. H. Cölfen

Chimera Polymers and Novel Polymerization Techniques
Polymer-Bioconjugates as Macromolecular LEGO® - Bricks, Dr. H. Börner
Bioinspired Polymers and Colloids, Dr. H. Schlaad

Modern Techniques of Colloid Analysis
Fractionating Colloid Analytics, Dr. H. Cölfen
Electron Microscopic Studies of Colloidal Systems and Biomaterials, Dr. J. Hartmann

Materials for Energy Applications
From Hard to Soft Porous Frameworks, Dr. A. Thomas

Hydrothermal Carbon Nanostructures and Coatings
Sustainable Functional Nanostructured Materials, Dr. M. M. Titirici

De Novo Nanoparticles
De Novo Nanoparticles: Novel Synthetic Routes for Nanoparticle Production, Dr. C. Giordano

International Joint Laboratory
Artificial Photosynthesis, Prof. X. C. Wang

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Chapter 4

Research in the Department of Interfaces, Prof. H. Möhwald

(Quasi) Planar Interfaces – Fluid Interfaces
Langmuir Monolayers as Model Systems to Study Interactions at Interfaces, Dr. G. Brezesinski
Thin Soft Films, Dr. R. Krastev
Replacement of Proteins by Surfactants from Adsorbed Interfacial Layers, Dr. R. Miller
Ion Distribution at Interfaces, Dr. H. Motschmann

Solid Interfaces
Phase Transitions, Nucleation and Transport Phenomena at Solid/Air Interfaces, Dr. H. Riegler

Non-Planar Materials
From Molecular Modules to Modular Materials, Dr. D. G. Kurth
Active Interfaces and Coatings, Dr. D. Shchukin

Non-Planar Interfaces
Nanotechnology for Bio-Applications, Dr. A. G. Skirtach
Ordering of Functional Nanoparticles, Dr. D. Wang

International Joint Laboratory
Molecular Assemblies of Biomimetic Systems and Nanostructured Design, Prof. J. Li

MPI-NIMS International Joint Laboratory
Supramolecular Materializations, Dr. T. Nakanishi

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Chapter 5

Research in the Theory & Bio-Systems Department, Prof. R. Lipowsky

Polymers and Proteins
Polypeptides: Amyloid Formers and Molecular Motors, Dr. V. Knecht
Protein Folding and Function, Dr. T. Weikl
Weak Polyelectrolytes in Poor Solvents, Dr. C. Seidel

Molecular Motors
Motor Cycles and Operation Modes of Kinesin, Dr. S. Liepelt
Cooperative Transport by Molecular Motors, Dr. M. J.I. Müller

Membranes and Vesicles
Morphologies of Vesicles Loaded with Aqueous Polymer Solution, Dr. R. Dimova
Morphological Transitions of Vesicles in AC Electric Fields, Dr. R. Dimova
Lipid Flow Patterns in Vesicles, Dr. R. Dimova
Membranes and Nonpolar Surfaces, Dr. V. Knecht
Tension Induced Membrane Fusion, A. Grafmüller
Membrane Adhesion, Dr. T. Weikl

Networks in Bio-Systems
Life Cycle of Chlamy Cells, Dr. A. Valleriani

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Chapter 6

Research in the Department of Biomolecular Systems, Prof. P. H. Seeberger

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Chapter 7

Ausgewählte Veranstaltungen
Wissenschaftliche Abschlüsse
Wissenschaftliche Veröffentlichungen

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