Open Access

Digital Book Resource

We have recently digitilized a number of books in our library. While the
digital versions are not available online, you can access them from a
PC in our library. You can also transfer them from the PC to a USB stick.
There aren’t very many digitial books yet - as we have to scan them manually
- but the number is growing.
Please tell us, which book(s) you would like us to scan and offer in a digitial
Perhaps you can provide us with a digital version of a library book (only from
our library) you might have scanned once?


Secondary publication right

German law grants authors of published articles to post a manuscript
version of their works online 12 months after their initial publication. This
applies to articles that have appeared after 1/1/2014 and that meet
some special requirements - most of them fulfilled by scientists in the
Please provide us with the last manuscript version of your article so that we
can publish it on the MPG Publication Repository.
Questions? Contact us!

book swap

Did you know?

Under Horizon 2020, each beneficiary must ensure open access to all
peer-reviewed scientific publications relating to its results.
In order to comply with this requirement, beneficiaries must, at the very least,
ensure that their publications, if any, can be read online, downloaded and
printed. However, as any additional rights such as the right to copy, distribute,
search, link, crawl, and mine increase the utility of the accessible publication,
beneficiaries should make every effort to provide for as many of them as possible.
From: Guidelines to Horizon 2020, Version 16, p. 6
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