01/2020 Prof. Roland Marschall is our guest

Prof. Roland Marschall from the Universität Bayreuth visited the MPIKG and the University of Potsdam. He gave the lecture entitled "Nanostructured Fe-based materials for photcatalysis and photoelectrochemical water splitting". Thank you very much for following our invitation and for a day full of inspiring discussions, Roland!

01/2020 Visit of Prof. Philipp Adelhelm

Prof. Philipp Adelhelm from the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (chair of Physical Materials Chemistry - Electrochemistry) visited us in Golm. Philipp gave the GDCh invited lecture "Material aspects of alternative energy stores: Sodium-ion and solid-state batteries". Many thanks for your visit and the inspiring discussions, Philipp!

01/2020 Runyu`s paper published in CARBON

Together with collaborator Prof. Feixiang Wu from Central South University in Changsha, Martin and Runyu published the paper entitled "Towards stable lithium-sulfur battery cathodes by combining physical and chemical confinement of polysulfides in core-shell structured nitrogen-doped carbons" in CARBON. We report the synthetic design of core-shell structured nanoporous carbon materials, which leads to combined physical and chemical polysulfide confinement and enhances the stability of lithium-sulfur battery cathodes. Congrats to Runyu and Feixiang for the nice piece of work!

01/2020 Qing and Martin summarize recent ideas in electrocatalytic nitrogen reduction

Qing and Martin published the minireview "Overcoming Chemical Inertness under Ambient Conditions ‐ A Critical View on Recent Developments in Ammonia Synthesis via Electrochemical N2 Reduction by Asking Five Questions" in ChemElectroChem. We are working together on this intensely reserached topic now for more than two years and give a rather personal view on the question where we do see the major room for improvement for electrocatalytic ammonia synthesis in the near future.

01/2020 Milena`s review paper published in Advanced Functional Materials

Milena`s paper entitled "From Molecular Precursors to Nanoparticles-Tailoring the Adsorption Properties of Porous Carbon Materials by Controlled Chemical Functionalization" has been published in Advanced Functional Materials. Together with Qing and Martin, she gives an overview on a couple of different synthetic methods to change the electron density distribution in porous carbon materials to control their properties in adsorption and catalysis. The article reflects the idea of the research our group is following. Congratulations Milena for a great piece of work! 

01/2020 Welcome (back) Jonas!

Dr. Jonas Pampel started in our group as a new postdoctoral researcher. Jonas will work on the development of new energy storage concepts in lithium- and sodium-ion battery anodes together with Jin and Konstantin. As Jonas already performed his PhD studies at the MPIKG we do not say "welcome" but "welcome back" we are looking forwad to work with you, Jonas!

12/2019 Dr. Qing Qin

Qing successfully defended her PhD thesis "Chemical Functionalization of Porous Carbon-based Materials to Enable Novel Modes for Efficient Electrochemical N2 Fixation". Congratlations, Dr. QQ! We are all very proud of you!

11/2019 Collaboration with Bar-Ilan University on Chiral Carbon Materials

Our collaborators Prof.

11/2019 Beilstein Symposium on "New directions for nanoporous materials"

Martin follwed the invitation of the Beilstein Institute to attend the Symposium on "New directions for nanoporous materials". He presented the poster entitled "Approaching the Adsorption Properties of Zeolites with Nitrogen-doped Carbon Materials Synthesized by Molecular design". Colleagues Dr. Dana D. Medina (LMU München) and Dr. Hana Bunzen (Universität Augsburg) won the Beilstein Young Investigator Award! A special issue about this topic has been published in the Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology. Congratulations to the organizers Sir Fraser Stoddart and Cafer T. Yavuz for organizing a great event!

11/2019 Metal-free NRR catalysts reported by QQ

The paper entitled "Electrochemical Fixation of Nitrogen and Its Coupling with Biomass Valorization with a Strongly Adsorbing and Defect Optimized Boron–Carbon–Nitrogen Catalyst" from PhD student Qing Qin ("QQ") has been published in ACS Applied Energy Materials. Qing reports the use of a metal-free electrocatalyst for both side reactions of a possible NRR full cell using biomass oxidation as the coupled reation. Well done, Qing! Many thanks to the collaborators from the group of Prof. Gescheidt-Demner from the TU Graz and to our friend and XPS expert Dr. Johannes Schmidt from the TU Berlin!

10/2019 Runyu publishes in Nano Energy

The decoupling of electron and ion storage is a promising concept in electrochemical energy storage to solve the so-called "Ragone-dilemma". In his conceptual paper entitled "Porous nitrogen-doped carbon/carbon nanocomposite electrodes enable sodium ion capacitors with high capacity and rate capability", which has been published in Nano Energy, Runyu Yan reports a step in this direction. Thanks to collaborators Dr. Karen Leus and Dr. Jan Philipp Hofmann for their support and congratulations to Runyu. Excellent work!

10/2019 Welcome to new PhD student Wuyong Zhang!

Welcome to our new PhD student Wuyong Zhang! Wuyong recieved his Master degree from the group of Prof. Nanfeng Zheng at Xiamen University. He will work on catalyst development and new catalytic concepts on electrocatalytic reduction reactions. We are looking forward to work with you, Wuyong!

10/2019 Research stay of Mingren Liu

We welcome Mingen Liu from the Central South University in China as a guest researcher in our group. Mingren will work for 3 months on the synthesis of advanced carbon materials and the investigation of novel energy storage modes in supercapacitors. Welcome, Mingren and good luck for your project!

10/2019 Jinyeon Hwang joined the group

We welcome Jinyeon Hwang in our group as new PhD student! Jin will work on carbon-based anode materials for lithium- and sodium ion batteries. Good luck, Jin and we are looking forward to work with you!

09/2019 Martin gives a talk at the WiFo 2019 in Aachen

Martin attended the GDCh-Wissenschaftsforum Chemie 2019 in Aachen. He presented the lecture entitled "Methods for Controlling Porosity and Electronic Structure of Nanoporous Carbon Materials for Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion" in the common session of the subsections "Electrochemistry" and "Chemistry and Energy".

09/2019 Qing`s paper published in Angewandte Chemie

Qing Qin found that carbon-doping into oxygen-deficient titania can enhance the catalytic performance of these oxygen vacancies in the electrocatalytic reduction of nitrogen to amminia. Her paper entitled "Enhanced Electrocatalytic N2 Reduction via Partial Anion Substitution in Titanium Oxide–Carbon Composites" has been published in Angewandte Chemie. Congratulations, Qing!

09/2019 Ralf defends his PhD

Ralf has sucessfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "Molecular Design of Nitrogen-Doped Nanoporous Noble Carbon Materials for Gas Adsorption". With his work on carbon materials with smallest micropores from molecular precursors, Ralf has made a singificant step in closing the gap in the gas adsorption properties between traditional zeolites and carbon-based materials. A great work and a brilliant defense, Ralf! Congratulations from all of us and we wish you all the best for the future!

08/2019 Feili Lai`s PhD defense

Feili Lai defended his PhD thesis entitled "Functionalized Ordered Mesoporous Carbon Materials for Enhancing the Energy Density of Supercapacitors". Congratulations to Feili!

08/2019 Ralf publishes molecular CO2/N2 sieving with C2N

Ralf`s paper entitled "Controlling the strength of interaction between carbon dioxide and nitrogen-rich carbon materials by molecular design" has been published in Sustainabe Energy and Fuels. The paper reports a study on the influence of the condensation temperature of molecular precursors on the structure of resulting nitrogen-rich carbon materials and on their interaction with carbon dioxide. Great thanks to all collaborators who contributed to this work (especially Prof. Thomas Kühne and his team for theory and to Dr. Nadja Tarakina) and congratulations to Ralf!

08/2019 Milena, Qing and Martin at the Europacat 2019

PhD students Qing Qin and Milena Perovic presented their work at the 14th European Congress on Catalysis (EuropaCat 2019) in Aachen. Qing presented the short oral lecture "Rational design of novel electrocatalysts for N₂ fixation with enhanced performance". Milenas poster "Influence of the Porosity of Carbon Supports on Catalytic Activity of Supported Gold Nanoparticles for Glucose Oxidation Reaction" received a lot of attention as well. Group leader Martin Oschatz gave the oral presentation "Porosity and Band Structure Engineering of Porous Carbon Supports for Iron-Based Catalysts in the Conversion of Synthesis Gas to Short Olefins". We thank the organizers for the perfectly organized and inspiring conference with great plenary speakers!

07/2019 Elinor`s paper about electrospun carbon fibers is online

Our collaborator Dr. Elinor Josef from the group of Dr. Ryan Guterman at the MPIKG published her paper entitled "Electrospun Carbon Fibers Replace Metals as a Current Collector in Supercapacitors" in ACS Applied Energy Materials. She reports the structure and properties of electrospun carbon fibers and found that they can reach nearly similar properties like platinum foil when used as current collector in supercaps. Congratulations to Elinor and many thanks to Runyu, who helped to collect the electrochemical data.

07/2019 Feili`s paper published in Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Feili`s paper entitled "Partially delocalized charge in Fe-doped NiCo2S4 nanosheet–mesoporous carbon-composites for high-voltage supercapacitors" published in Journal of Materials Chemistry A. We report a CMK-3 based composite material and the influence of Fe-doping on NiCo2S4 nanosheets on the performance of their energy storage properties in supercapacitors.

07/2019 Disputation of Runyu Yan

Our expert for electrochemical energy storage Runyu Yan has successfully defended his PhD thesis. Runyu contributed important findings in "Nitrogen-doped and Porous Carbons Towards New Energy Storage Mechanisms for Supercapacitors with High Energy Density". He published 5 papers as first author in the past 2.5 years in top-ranked journals and collaborated with many colleagues as well. Runyu, you are a great researcher and friend! It has been a great experience to work with you and we all hope to see you soon again!

06/2019 Visit of Prof. Banglin Chen

Humboldt Research Award 2018 winner Prof. Banglin Chen from the University of Texas at San Antonio visited the MPIKG and gave the talk entitled "Our Journey of Exploring Multifunctional Metal-Organic Framework Materials through Global Collaboration". Thank you very much for your visit and the great discussions, Banglin!

06/2019 Max Buchner Stipendium awarded to Dr. Martin Oschatz

Group leader Dr. Martin Oschatz received a Max Buchner scholarship from the Max Bucher Research Foundation for the application entitled "Electrochemical Energy Storage at the Interface between Carbon Materials and Ionic Liquids". Many thanks to the Foundation and the DECHEMA.

06/2019 Martin gives a talk at the INC in Leipzig

Group leader Dr. Martin Oschatz visited the Institute of Chemical Technology at Universität Leipzig and gave the presentation entitled "Towards Understanding of the Influence of Pore Architecture and Atomic Construction of Carbon Materials in Adsoprtion Processes". Many thanks for the invitation and for inspiring discussions to Prof. Roger Gläser and Dr. Muslim Dvoyashkin

05/2019 IMPRS RECHARGE Symposium and Steinheimer Gespräche

Group leader Martin Oschatz attended the 2nd Symposium of the IMPRS RECHARGE at the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung in Mülheim an der Ruhr with the topic "Catalysis Towards Greener Chemistry". He gave the invited lecture entitled "The Role of Pore Architecture and Atomic Construction of Carbon Materials in Heterogeneous Catalysis". Shortly before, Martin attended the "Steinheimer Gespräche" of the German Chemical Industry Fund and gave a presentation about the research results of his Liebig Fellowship.

05/2019 New publication with collaborator Feixiang Wu

Our collaborator Feixiang Wu (Central South University) has published the paper entitled "Natural Vermiculite Enables High-Performance in Lithium-Sulfur Batteries via Electrical Double Layer Effects" in Advanced Functional Materials. The efficient polysulfide retention on a natural clay mineral is reported. Congratulations, Feixiang!

05/2019 Ralf and Martin at the "Leipziger Symposium on Dynamic Sorption"

Ralf and Martin attended the Symposium on Dynamic Soprtion 2019 in Leipzig and presented a poster about the adsorption properties of our porous C2N materials.

05/2019 3 New papers published

3 new papers have recently been published about the research of the PhD students Konstantin Schutjajew, Runyu Yan, and Feili Lai. Konstantins paper "Effects of Carbon Pore Size on the Contribution of Ionic Liquid Electrolyte Phase Transitions to Energy Storage in Supercapacitors" has been published in the section "Carbon-Based Materials" in Frontiers in Materias as part of the research topic "Frontiers in Materials: Rising Stars". Runyus paper entitled "Understanding the Charge Storage Mechanism to Achieve High Capacity and Fast Ion Storage in Sodium‐Ion Capacitor Anodes by Using Electrospun Nitrogen‐Doped Carbon Fibers" has been pubished in Advanded Functional Materials. Feili`s study "Strong metal oxide-support interactions in carbon/hematite nanohybrids activate novel energy storage modes for ionic liquid-based supercapacitors" has been published in Energy Storage Materials. Congratulations to Feili, Runyu, and Konstantin and many thanks to all coauthors and collaborators who have contributed to these works.

04/2019 Feili at the MRS Spring Meeting in Phoenix

PhD student Feili Lai presented his research results at the MRS 2019 Spring Meeting with the talk entitled "Design of Nanohybrid Materials to Enable Efficient Junctions for Strong Electrolyte Binding in Ionic Liquid-Based Supercapacitors".

03/2019 Welcome to new PhD student Sol Youk

Sol Youk has joined the group as a new PhD student. Welcome to our group, Sol! We wish you good luck for your reserch on porous carbon materials for gas adsorption!

03/2019 Conference Participations

Martin, Milena and Ralf joined the German Zeolite Conference in Dresden. Ralf and Milena presented posters about their work on carbon materials for gas adsorption and catalysis. Martin gave the plenary lecture entitled "Design of Nanoporous Carbon Materials for Understanding Structure-Performance Relationships in Adsorption and Energy Applications". Many thanks to the organizers Dr. Lars BorchardtProf. Stefan Kaskel, and Prof. Roger Gläser for organizing a great conference! Shortly after, Martin presented the work of the group at the 6th International Conference on Multifunctional, Hybrid and Nanomaterials in Sitges and at the Chemiedozententagung 2019 in Koblenz.

02/2019 Martin is Outstanding Reviewer of Journal of Materials Chemistry A in 2018

Group leader Martin Oschatz has been selected as an "Outstanding Reviewer for Journal of Materials Chemistry A in 2018" by the editorial board of the Journal. The reviewers are chosen based on the number, timeliness and quality of the reports completed over the last 12 months. This is the 4th distinction for Martin as an oustanding reviewer after those from Sustainable Energy and Fuels, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, and CARBON.

01/2019 Guest speaker Prof. Matthias Bauer

Prof. Matthias Bauer from Paderborn University visited the MPIKG and our group. Matthias gave the lecture entitled "Recent and not so recent hard X-ray methods to investigate sustainable processes". Thank you very much for the great presentation and your visit, Matthias!

01/2019 Martin visits the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

Group leader Martin Oschatz visited the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena and gave the invited lecture "High Surface Area Carbon Materials for Energy Applications and Gas Adsorption" in the chemical colloquim. Many thanks to Prof. Philipp Adelhelm and Prof. Andrea Balducci for their great hospitality and inspiring discussions.

01/2019 Start of the ClusterBatt project in collaboration with Fraunhofer Institutes

The project "Bildung von Metallclustern in Kohlenstoffmate-rialien – Sichere Anoden für zyklenstabile Bat-teriezellen mit hoher Energiedichte" ("ClusterBatt") has started. In the coming 4 years we will work on the development of carbon materials towards new mechanisms of energy storage in lithium and sodium battery anodes. The project is part of the Fraunhofer-Max-Planck Kooperationsprogramm and will be carried out in collaboration with our partners from the Center Battery Research at the Fraunhofer IWS Dresden and the Batteries and secondary batteries group at the Fraunhofer ICT in  Pfinztal. We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration!

01/2019 Martin Oschatz elected as board member of "UniSysCat"

During the first general meeting of UniSysCat, group leader Martin Oschatz has been elected as a member of the executive board of the Excellence Cluster "Unifying Systems in Catalysis". The aim of the UniSysCat Cluster of Excellence is to understand in principle how starting materials, intermediates and reaction products come into contact with various catalysts involved in order to react as efficiently as in a living cell.

01/2019 Welcome back Konstantin!

Our previous Master student Konstantin Schutjajew joined the group as a PhD student. Konstantin will work on the development of anode materies for sodium and lithium ion batteries! The group wishes you all the best and we are looking forward to work with you, Konstantin!

11/2018 Milena and Martin at Bar-Ilan University

Milena and Martin visited the group of Prof. Yitzhak Mastai at Bar-Ilan University. We thank Yitzhak for the great hospitality and inspiring discussions about chirality in carbon materials.

11/2018 2nd Chinese-German Symposium on Science and Technology of Carbon Materials

Group leader Martin Oschatz joined the 2nd Chinese-German Symposium on Science and Technology of Carbon Materials which was held from 12th to 14th of November in Shenzhen. He gave the talk entitled "Porosity and band structure control in carbon materials for novel mechanisms in electrochemical energy storage and gas adsorption". Many thanks to Prof. Bastian Etzold (TU Darmstadt) and Prof. Feiyu Kang (Tsinghua University) for organizing a great symposium with contributions from industry and academia. A special thanks to the group members of Prof. Kang for their great hospitality.

11/2018 Invited talk at Paderborn University

Group leader Dr. Martin Oschatz gave the talk entitled "Nanoporous Carbon Materials for Understanding of Structure-Performace Relationships in Energy Applications and Gas Adsorption" at the chemical colloquium of Paderborn University. Many thanks to Prof. Dr. Michael Tiemann and Prof. Dr. Thomas Kühne for the invitation and the inspiring discussions! 

11/2018 Congratulations to Master student Konstantin Schutjajew

Master student Konstantin Schutjajew sucessfully finished and defended his Master thesis entitled "Phase Transitions of Ionic Liquids Confined in Charged Carbon Nanopores". The thesis has been rated with the best possible grade. Congratulations from the carbon team to Konstantin for an outstanding piece of work! Great thanks also to Runyu who was always there for Konstantin at the beginning of his labwork!

11/2018 New papers published in Journal of Materials Chemistry A and Advanced Energy Materials with our collaborators Bernhard Schmidt and Markus Niederberger

Collaborators Dr. Bernhard Schmidt (MPIKG) and  Jongkook Hwang (Utrecht University)  have published their paper entitled "Solvent Mediated Morphology Control of Zn MOFs as Carbon Templates for Application in Supercapacitors" in Journal of Materials Chemistry A. Congratulations to Bernhard and Jongkook! Our colleagues from the group of Prof. Dr. Markus Niederberger (ETH Zürich) published the paper entitled "Fast Na‐Ion Intercalation in Zinc Vanadate for High‐Performance Na‐Ion Hybrid Capacitor" in Advanced Energy Materials. Congratulations to Markus and his group!

10/2018 Visit to Utrecht University

Martin visited Prof. Krijn P. de Jong and  Prof. Petra E. de Jong  at the University of Utrecht and gave a lecture entitled "Molecular design of templated nanoporous carbon materials and their application in catalysis, gas adsorption, and electrochemical energy storage". Many thanks to Krijn and Petra for the great hospitality. I really enjoyed to meet my old friends and colleagues!

10/2018 3 new papers published 

Ralf and Martin published a persective article about "Crucial Factors for the Application of Functional Nanoporous Carbon-Based Materials in Energy and Environmental Applications" in C-Journal of Carbon Research. The paper is part of the special issue "Special Issue "Functional Nanoporous Carbon-Based Materials" which Martin managed as a guest editor. Zhihong Tian`s article entitled "C2NxO1−x framework carbons with defined microporosity and Co-doped functional pores" has been published in Journal of Materials Chemistry A. Former PhD student Sandy Lama published her research on "Tandem Promotion of Iron Catalysts by Sodium-Sulfur and Nitrogen-doped Carbon layers on Carbon Nanotube Supports for the Fischer-Tropsch to Olefins Synthesis" in Applied Catalysis A: General. The study has been carried out in collaboration with the group of Krijn P. de Jong from Utrecht University. Thanks to all collaborators and congratulations to Ralf, Zhihong, and Sandy.

09/2018 Qing, Feili, and Runyu at the Electrochemistry 2018

PhD students Qing Qin, Feili Lai, and Runyu Yan joined the Electrochemistry 2018 in Ulm. Runyu gave the oral presentation entitled "Illuminating ion storage and diffusion mechanisms in hierarchical porous carbon materials for supercapacitors". Qing and Feili presented their posters entitled "Au single atoms on N-rich carbon structures for enhanced N2 electrochemical reduction" and "Mesoporous carbon electrodes functionalized with manganese oxide nanosplotches for dense stable and wide-temperature ionic-liquid-based supercapacitors", respectively.

09/2018 Martin gives a lecture at the Eindhoven University of Technology 

Group leader Martin Oschatz visited the collaborators Dr. Jan Philipp Hofmann and  Prof. Emiel Hensen  at the TU Eindhoven and gave the lecture entitled "Molecular design of templated nanoporous carbon materials and their application in catalysis, gas adsorption, and electrochemical energy storage". Many thanks to Jan Philipp and Emiel for the invitation and great hospitality!

09/2018 Opinion article about electrochemical energy storage mechanisms published in Energy & Environmental Science

Our paper entitled "Storing electricity as chemical energy: beyond traditional electrochemistry and double-layer compression" has been published in Energy & Environmental Science. We comment on the possible contribution of non-traditional energy storage mechanisms such as changes of the structure and coordination number of the ionic liquid electrolyte in supercapacitors. The exploration of such effects on carbon-electrolyte interfaces can potentially increase the specific energy of electrochemical energy storage devices.

08/2018 Perspective article about thin film applications of porous materials published in Advanced Functional Materials 

Together with collaborators Dr. Stefan Wuttke (University of Lincoln), Dr. Manuel Tsotsalas (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), and other experts from the field of porous materials group leader Martin Oschatz published the perspective article "Bringing Porous Organic and Carbon‐Based Materials toward Thin‐Film Applications" in Advanced Functional Materials. The paper summarizes recent progress in the design and application of thin films of various kinds of porous materials from porous polymers to porous carbon materials. Thanks to all the other authors for a great piece of work!

08/2018 New paper published by collaborators from TU Dresden

The paper entitled "Influence of Silica Architecture on the Catalytic Activity of Immobilized Glucose Oxidase" has been published in Bioinspired, Biomimetic and Nanobiomaterials.   Group leader Dr. Martin Oschatz supported the study of Prof. Nils Kröger and his team from the Center for Molecular Bioengineering at the TU Dresden on the influence of different biosilica materials as supports for catalytically active enzymes. 

08/2018 Lecture by Dr. Jan Philipp Hofmann 

Collaborator Jan Philipp Hofmann from Eindhoven University of Technology visited the MPIKG and gave the lecture entitled "Transition metal phosphides and sulfides for (photo)electrochemical energy conversion". Great thanks to Jan Philipp for his visit and the fruitful discussions!

08/2018 PhD Defense of Sandy Lama

On August, 22nd, Sandy successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled ""Functionalization of Porous Carbon Materials with Heteroatoms and Application as Supports in Industrial Heterogeneous Catalysis". Congratulations Sandy! Your CC-Carbon team wishes you all the best for the future!

08/2018 Single Site Electrocatalysts published by Qing in Small Methods

Qing`s paper entitled "Single-Site Gold Catalysts on Hierarchical N-Doped Porous Noble Carbon for Enhanced Electrochemical Reduction of Nitrogen" has been published in Small Methods. We report the synthesis of noble carbon-supported gold single site catalysts and their behavior in the electrocatalytic reduction of nitrogen to ammonia. Great work, Qing! Congratulations!

07/2018 Feili`s paper published in Advanced Functional Materials

Feilis paper entitled "Breaking the Limits of Ionic Liquid-based Supercapacitors: Mesoporous Carbon Electrodes Functionalized with Manganese Oxide Nanosplotches for Dense, Stable and Wide-Temperature Energy Storage" has been published in Advanced Functional Materials. We report the synthesis of composite materials containing MnO2 and heteroatom-doped CMK-3 as well as their application in ionic liquid-based supercapacitors. Congratulations to Feili!

07/2018 Poster award at the AM30 symposium in Dresden

Martin and Runyu attended the "AM30" Symposium at the TU Dresden. The symposium was held to celebrate the 30th birthday of the Advanced Materials journal. Runyu presented his poster entitled "New carbon materials and energy storage concepts for ionic-liquid-based supercapacitors". Martins poster entitled "Noble carbons from noble precursors: new materials for gas adsorption and electrocatalysis" was awarded the 1st poster price. Thanks to the organizers from Wiley and TU Dresden for a great symposium!

07/2018 Carbon Conference 2018

Runyu, Ralf, and Martin attended the Carbon Conference 2018 in Madrid. We contributed oral presentations in the sessions related to electrochemical energy storage, gas adsorption, and catalysis. Many thanks to the organizers for a great conference covering many aspects of this fascinating chemical element!

06/2018 New Paper published in Angewandte Chemie

Ralf`s paper entitled "Template- and Metal-free Synthesis of Nitrogen-rich Nanoporous Noble Carbon Materials by Direct Pyrolysis of a Preorganized Hexaazatriphenylene Precursor" has been accetpted for publication in Angewandte Chemie. We report the synthesis of a microporous C2N-tpye material with high oxidation resistance and strong adsorption of polar gases by the controlled condensation of a preorganized precursor. The work has been selected as Hot Paper. Congratulations to Ralf!

05/2018 Invited lecture at HZB Wansee

Group leader Dr. Martin Oschatz has been invited to the Energy Materials Seminar at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) and gave the talk entitled "Tailoring Porosity in Carbon Materials in Different Levels for Efficient Electrochemical Energy Storage". Many thanks to Dr. Sebastian Risse from the HZB for the invitation and for organizing a great seminar!

05/2018 Martin gives an invited lecture at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg

Group leader Dr. Martin Oschatz gave the lecture entitled "Design of nanoporous carbon materials for understanding of structure-performance relationships in energy applications and gas storage" at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg. Many thanks to the DFG Graduiertenkolleg 2226 (Chemical Bond Activation) and especially to Jun. Prof. Mehtap Oezaslan for the invitation and fruitful discussions.

05/2018 Welcome back Ines and thanks to Ursula!

Welcome back to to out new lab technician Ines Below-Lutz and special thanks to Ursula Lubahn for all the great help in the past months!

04/2018 New master student Konstantin Schutjajew

Welcome to our new Master student Konstantin Schutjajew. Konstantin will carry out the practical works of his Master Thesis in our group. He will be working on ionic liquid-based supercapacitors with a special focus on their fundamental operating mechanisms. Good luck, Konstantin!

04/2018 New postdoc Nieves Lopez Salas

Welcome to our new postdoc Nieves Lopez Salas! Nieves will be working on the synthesis of porous noble carbon materials from renewable precursors. We are looking forward to working with you, Nieves!

04/2018 New papers in Advanced Materials and Advanced Energy Materials

Our review paper entitled "The Concept of “Noble, Heteroatom‐Doped Carbons,” Their Directed Synthesis by Electronic Band Control of Carbonization, and Applications in Catalysis and Energy Materials", written by Martin Oschatz and Markus Antonietti has been published in Advanced Materials. Furthermore, our article entitled "Toward the Experimental Understanding of the Energy Storage Mechanism and Ion Dynamics in Ionic Liquid Based Supercapacitors" has just been published in Advanced Energy Materials. Congratulations to PhD student Runyu Yan for an excellent piece of work!

03/2018 Sandy and Martin at the 51st german catalysis meeting

PhD student Sandy Lama and group leader Martin Oschatz attendet the 51st German Catalysis Meeting in Weimar. Sandy presented her results in her talk entitled "Synthesis of Surface-Engineered Carbon Supports for Applications in Industrial Heterogeneous Catalysts". Martin presented a poster entitled "Illuninating the interplay between carbon support porosity, iron nanoparticles, and promoters in the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis of lower olefins".

03/2018 Congratulations to Milena!

12th of March, Milena Perovic has successfully defended her Master Thesis entitled "Illuminating the Principles of Partial Glucose Oxidation in Aqueous Solution with Molecular Oxygen Using Gold Catalysts on Carbonaceous Model Supports". Congratulations, Milena! We are looking forward to working with you as a PhD student in the field of carbon-based catalysts!

03/2018 Martin recognized as outstanding reviewer for Sustainable Energy & Fuels

Group leader Martin Oschatz has been awarded as an outstanding reviewer for the new RSC journal Sustainable Energy & Fuels in 2017. Thanks to the journal editors for the recognition!

03/2018 Sandy`s paper published in ChemCatChem 

Our Paper entitled "Modification of salt-templated carbon surface chemistry for efficient oxidation of glucose with supported gold catalysts" has been published in ChemCatChem. The influence of the carbon support surface chemistry on the properties of gold nanoparitcles in the oxidation of glucose to gluconic acid is invesitgated. Thanks to collaborators Dr. Daniel Varon Silva (MPIKG, Biomolecular Systems) and Dr. Johannes Schmidt (TU Berlin). Congratulations to PhD student Sandy Lama who is the main author of this work!

02/2018 Invited talk at Freigeist workshop at HZB and participation in 30th german zeolite conference

Group leader Martin Oschatz has attended the Freigeist workshop "Carbon Nanomaterials in aqueous environment" at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin and gave the invited talk "Understanding the Role of Nanocarbon-Water Interfaces in Electrochemical Energy Storage and Heterogeneous Catalysis". A great thanks to Freigeist fellowship holder Dr. Tristan Petit for organizing a great workshop! One week after, Martin and Ralf attended the 30th german zeolite conference at the University in Kiel and presented two posters about our work on design of carbon materials for electrochemical energy storage and selective gas adsorption. Ralf was given the opportunity to present his poster "Template-free Synthesis of Nitrogen-Rich Nanoporous “Noble” Carbon Materials with High Surface Polarity by Direct Pyrolysis of a Hexaazatriphenylene Precursor" in a short oral presentation.

01/2018: Martin gives a talk at the French Adsorption Society

Group leader Martin Oschatz has attended the 7th annual meeting of the french adsorption society (Journées de l’Association Française de l’Adsorption) in Marseille and gave the keynote lecture entitled "Pore Design in Nanocarbon Materials for Adsorption and Energy Storage". We thank the french adsorption society very much for organizing a great meeting and for giving us the opportunity to present our work!

12/2017: Runyu`s paper published in Advanced Sustainable Systems

Our paper entitled "Ordered Mesoporous Carbons with High Micropore Content and Tunable Structure Prepared by Combined Hard and Salt Templating as Electrode Materials in Electric Double-Layer Capacitors" has been published in Advanced Sustainable Systems. Together with the group of Prof. Volker Presser ( Leibniz Institute for New Materials  and Saarland University) we report the synthesis and use of our novel micro- and ordered mesoporous carbon materials in supercapacitors with different electrolytes. Congratulations to PhD student Runyu Yan who is the main author of this work!

11/2017: Martin and Milena give talks at FU Berlin

Martin and Milena were invited to join the seminar of the group of Prof. Christina Roth at the FU Berlin. Martin gave the talk entitled "Adsorption phenomena and energy storage on nanoporous carbon materials". Milena presented her recent results with the talk entitled "Illuminating the principles of glucose partial oxidation in aqueous solution with molecular oxygen using model gold catalysts on carbonaceous supports". Thanks to Christina for the invitation!

11/2017: Review article selected for the themed collection 2017 Energy and Environmental Science HOT articles

Our Review Article "A search for selectivity to enable CO2 capture with porous adsorbents" has been selected for the themed collection 2017 Energy and Environmental Science HOT articles.

10/2017: Martin gives a talk at UniCat Symposium

Martin was invited by the german catalysis Cluster of Excellence “Unifying Concepts in Catalysis“ (UniCat). In their symposium he gave the talk entitled "Influence of Pore Structure and Surface Chemistry of Nanostructured Carbons on their Properties as Support Materials in Heterogeneous Catalysis".

10/2017: Visit of Prof. Jörg Kärger

Prof. Jörg Kärger from Leipzig University visited our Institute and gave the lecture entitled "Mass Transfer on Nanoscales: Insights, Surprises and Challenges". We thank you very much for your visit and a great talk, Jörg!

10/2017: Review Article in Energy & Environmental Science

Our Review Article entitled "A search for selectivity to enable CO2 capture with porous adsorbents" has been published in Energy & Environmental Science. Current trends and developments in the field of materials science to achieve selective CO2 capture from diluted sources by physisorption are critically reviewed.

09/2017: Welcome Qing!

We are happy to welcome our new PhD student Qing Qin! Qing will be working on the development of single-site electrocatalysts towards more sustainable hydrogenation reactions. Good luck, Qing and we are looking forward to work with you!

09/2017: GDCh Scientific Forum Chemistry 2017 (WiFo 2017)

Youjia, Milena, Ralf, Runyu, Ipek, Sandy, and Martin attended the GDCh Scientific Forum Chemistry 2017 (WiFo 2017) in Berlin. Sandy and Runyu presented posters about their PhD studies. Martin gave an oral presentation ("Structural Effects of Nanoporous Carbon Supports on Sodium/Sulfur Promoted Iron-based Catalysts for the Direct Conversion of Synthesis Gas to Lower Olefins") in the session Power to "X" organized by the GDCh subsections "electrochemisty" and "chemistry and energy". Thanks to the GDCh for a perfecly organized meeting!

09/2017: Martin gives invited talk at POPs

Martin was invited to the 1st International Symposium on Porous Organic Polymers (POPs 2017) in Zhangjiajie, China. He gave the talk entitled "Energy Storage and Adsorption Phenomena in Carbon-based Materials with Hierarchical Pore Architectures".

08/2017: New paper in ChemComm

A new paper about iron-based catalysts on carbon-supports for the conversion of synthesis gas to lower olefins by Martin and collaborators from the group of Prof. Krijn P. de Jong (University of Utrecht) and the group of Prof. Stefan Kaskel (Technical University Dresden) has been accepted for publication in Chemical Communications. The influence of the porosity of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) on the properties of MOF-derived iron/carbon catalysts is reported. Thanks to all collaborators!

08/2017: Welcome to new PhD student Feili Lai

We welcome Feili Lai as new PhD student in our group! Feili will work on next-generation electrochemical energy storage systems based on nanostructured carbon materials. Good luck, Feili! We are looking forward to work with you!

07/2017: Thank you Ines! Welcome Ursula!

We welcome our new lab technician Ursula Lubahn! Ursula takes over from Ines Below-Lutz from July 2017 on. We are looking forward to work with you, Ursula! Ines, we thank you for everything you have done for us and we wish you all the best for the future! Your MPIKG Carbon Group.

07/2017: Poster Prize for Runyu at the ISEE Cap 2017 in Jena

Group leader Martin Oschatz and PhD student Runyu Yan have attended the 5th International Symposium on Enhanced Electrochemical Capacitors in Jena (Germany). ISEE Cap is an international meeting on all aspects of electrochemical capacitors. Thanks to the organizers for a great conference! Martin gave the oral presentation entitled "Novel templating approaches towards carbon materials with tailored hierarchical porosity for enhanced electric double-layer capacitors". Runyu presented the poster "Synthesis of ordered mesoporous carbon with high micropore content by combined hard/salt-templating for electric double-layer capacitors". He received a poster prize (3rd place) for his contribution! Congratulations, Runyu!

06/2017: New master student Milena Perovic

We welcome our new master student Milena Perovice in our group. She will work with PhD student Sandy Lama on the development of carbon-supported catalysts for liqid phase oxidation reactions. We are looking forward to work with you, Milena!

06/2017: Martin Oschatz serves as guest editor for "C" 

Group leader Dr. Martin Oschatz has accepted the invitation to serve as a guest editor for the open access carbon research journal C. Contributions for the  special issue "Functional Nanoporous Carbon-Based Materials"  can be submitted untill January 31st, 2018. There will be no charges for manuscripts submitted in 2017 that are well-prepared and need no major editing. We are looking forward to your submissions in order to make the special issue a success!!!

05/2017: Conference participations

PhD student Sandy Lama presented her results on the catalytic hydrogenolysis of kraft lignin with carbon-supported nickel catalysts at the 2nd Green and Sustainable Chemistry Conference in Berlin. As a poster price winner of the previous conference she was invited to give an oral presentation. Group leader Martin Oschatz attended the 11th International Symposium on the Characterization of Porus Solids in Avignon (France) and presented two posters about his work on new characterization techniques for porous carbon materials. He also joined the annual meeting of the Liebig Scholarship holders ("Steinheimer Gespräche") in Wiesbaden.

04/2017: Bioinspired carbon materials published in ChemComm

Collaborators Prof. Eike Brunner and Cathleen Fischer from the Department of Bioanalytic Chemistry at Dresden University of Technology published the paper entitled "Bioinspired carbide-derived carbons with hierarchical pore structure for the adsorptive removal of mercury from aqueous solution" in Chemical Communications. Congratulations!

04/2017: Welcome to new intern Ipek Harmanli 

We welcome our new colleague Ipek Harmanli in the group! Ipek carried out her Master Thesis in Izmir (Turkey) and she will work on reactor design towards new electrochemical methods for chemical synthesis. Good luck, Ipek!

04/2017: Sandy at the ACS Meeting

PhD student Sandy Lama attended the 253rd American Chemical Society Meeting in San Francisco and presented her research on catalytic hydrogenation of lignin with the poster entitled "Efficiency of Ni-nanoparticles deposited on a hierarchically porous carbon doped with nitrogen for kraft lignin hydrogenolysis in flow and batch systems".

03/2017: Visit of Prof. Dr. Stefan Kaskel

Martin`s PhD advisor Prof. Dr. Stefan Kaskel from the TU Dresden visited the MPIKG. Stefan gave the talk entitled "Molecular assembly of porous materials for energy applications". Great thanks to Stefan for the visit and the fruitful discussions!!!

03/2017: Conference participations

Martin and Ralf attended the 29th German Zeolite Conference in Frankfurt/Main. Martin gave the lecture entitled "Structural effects of nanoporous carbon supports on sodium/sulfur promoted iron-based catalysts for the direct conversion of synthesis gas to lower olefins" and presented the same results later with posters at the 18th Netherlands' Catalysis and Chemistry Conference (NCCC)in Noordwijkerhout (The Netherlands) and at the "50th Katalytikertreffen" of the German Catalysis Society (GECATS) in Weimar.

02/2017: Paper on carbon vs. silica in hydrogen storage published by collaborators Peter Ngene and Petra E. de Jongh from Utrecht University

Collaborators Prof. Dr. Petra E. de Jongh and  Dr. Peter Ngene  from the Group of Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis at Utrecht University published the paper entitled "Confinement Effects for Lithium Borohydride: Comparing Silica and Carbon Scaffolds" in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Congratulations Petra and Peter!

02/2017: Welcome to student intern Youjia Zhang!

Youjia Zhang started to work in our group as new intern student by February, 22nd. She will work on liquid phase adsorption with porous carbons. Welcome, Youjia!

02/2017: Sandy`s paper published in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering

Sandy`s paper entitled "Efficiency of Ni Nanoparticles Supported on Hierarchical Porous Nitrogen-Doped Carbon for Hydrogenolysis of Kraft Lignin in Flow and Batch Systems" is now published in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. Congratulations, Sandy!

01/2017: Paper published in Nature Communications

Collaborator Jung Tae Lee (previous PhD student in the group of Gleb Yushin) has published the paper entitled "A stable lithiated silicon-chalcogen battery via synergetic chemical coupling between silicon and selenium" in Nature Communications. Congratulations, Jung Tae!

01/2017: Martin Oschatz gives a talk at the Leibniz Institute for New Materials in Saarbrücken

Ralf and Martin visited the group of Prof. Dr. Volker Presser at the INM in Saarbrücken. Martin gave the talk entitled "Energy Storage and Adsorption Phenomena in Carbon Materials with Hierarchical Pore Structure".

12/2016: New PhD student Ralf Walczak

December 1st, Ralf Walczak has started as new PhD student in our group. Ralf will study the effect of electric charge on the gas adsorption properties of carbon nanomaterials. His PhD thesis is financially supported by the German Chemical Industry Fund. Have a good time, Ralf!

11/2016: 3 new papers published 

In November 2016, 2 papers about the results of Martin`s DAAD supported PostDoc stay at Utrecht University (Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis) have been published. The papers in Journal of Energy Chemistry and Catalysis Science and Technology describe the influence of promoters and synthesis conditions on the properties iron-based Fischer-Tropsch catalysts. One article about the use of nanoporous carbon aerogels in supercapacitor electrodes has been published in Carbon. The project was carried out in collaboration with the group of Gleb Yushin at the GeorgiaTech in Atlanta.

11/2016: New technician Ines Below-Lutz

November 15th, Ines Below-Lutz started in our group as new lab technician. We are looking forward to work with you, Ines!

11/2016: Sandy and Runyu start as PhD students

November 1st, Runyu Yan and Sandy Lama joined the group as PhD students. Runyu will develop porous carbon materials for electrochemical energy storage. Sandy will work on carbon-supported heterogeneous catalysis. Good luck for you!

Since 11/2016: Energy and Environmental Utilization of Carbon Nanomaterials @ MPIKG

The Research Group Energy and Environmental Utilization of Carbon Nanomaterials started working at the Colloidal Chemistry Department of the MPIKG. Group leader Dr. Martin Oschatz is supported by a Liebig Fellowship of the German Chemical Industry Fund.

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