MPIKG Presentation Competition

MPIKG Presentation Competition

On Friday June 21st (15:00, Lecture Hall, Central Building) the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces was hosting its second "MPIKG Presentation Competition" (MPIPC2). Five brave students representing their respective departments presented their PhD research in just three minutes to a panel of non-specialist judges for a grand prize. 

This year’s finalists included:

  • Victoria Schemenz – Biomaterials
  • Magdalena Zaslona – Biomolecular Systems
  • Ivan Ilic – Colloid Chemistry
  • Zeynep Atris – Mechano(bio)chemistry
  • Julia Burzlaff – Theory & Bio-Systems

The first place winner will be awarded with a paid conference to present their research. This competition is designed to develop invaluable presentation and communication skills important for any scientist at any stage in their career and foster collaborations within the Potsdam Science Park.

Whether it be during a PhD defense, business meeting, conference, or even Sunday brunch with your grandmother, the ability to effectively disseminate complex ideas in a simple and concise fashion will invariably inspire others around you and maximize your potential. The simple act of creating such a presentation will add new skills to students’ tool box, which will stay with them far beyond their time at MPIKG. Esteemed judges have been invited for this event and will contribute their expertise:

  • Prof. Alexander Böker, Direktor des Fraunhofer-Instituts für Angewandte Polymerforschung
  • Dr. Bart Verberck, Regional Executive Editor, Nature Research
  • Prof. Jiayin Yuan, Universität Stockholm

For further questions, please contact the event creator Dr. Ryan Guterman ().

„Science is only as effective as the ability to communicate it.”
-Event creator, Dr. Ryan Guterman

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