In modern polymer science polymeric drug carriers are thoroughly investigated with the goal of high bioavailability and specificity, e.g. to reduce the applied doses and to deliver the drugs exactly to the right place in the body in order to reduce side effects. [mehr]
Reversible deactivation radical polymerization techniques have attracted significant attention in polymer sciences as well as materials sciences. Thus, molecular weight, polydispersity and endgroups can be controlled easily. [mehr]
The depletion of fossil fuels has led to the utilization of a variety of renewable feedstocks in chemistry. Thus a sustainable way towards fuels, chemicals and other materials is under investigation. [mehr]
Carbon nitride (CN) is well-known for its photocatalytic properties that are triggered by visible light. In our research we utilize CN as photoinitiator for the formation of hydrogels via visible light. [mehr]
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