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Journal Article
Pester, C. W.; Ruppel, M.; Schoberth, H. G.; Schmidt, K.; Liedel, C.; van Rijn, P.; Schindler, K. A.; Hiltl, S.; Czubak, T.; Mays, J. et al.; Urban, V. S.; Boeker, A.: Piezoelectric Properties of Non-Polar Block Copolymers. Advanced Materials 23 (35), pp. 4047 - 4052 (2011)
Journal Article
Hiltl, S.; Schuerings, M.-P.; Balaceanu, A.; Mayorga, V.; Liedel, C.; Pich, A.; Boeker, A.: Guided self-assembly of microgels: from particle arrays to anisotropic nanostructures. Soft Matter 7 (18), pp. 8231 - 8238 (2011)
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