Newsletter May 2015

Library—More Than Books


A key aspiration of the Max Planck Society is to make its scientists’ research findings available for the benefit of the whole of humanity, free of charge, which is open access.
Thus the MPS has provided a central budget for open access charges and already offers many journals where our scientists can publish open access without extra costs. For a list see here:

Max Planck Digital Library has signed an agreement with Elsevier for a new eBooks model. During an initial period of 12 months, almost 13.000 Elsevier eBooks from more than 20 subject areas will be accessible to all Max Planck Society institutions on the ScienceDirect platform ( or on the MPG eBooks catalog. At the end of this initial period, a number of eBooks will be selected for perpetual access, primarily based on usage in the previous months.

Since the beginning of the year, we receive duplicates from a small number of journals, for instance “nature” and  “NewScientist”. You will find them in our book swap, the bottom shelve. Please, help yourself!
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