Marlies Gräwert, Technician

Analytical GPC/SEC service

Equipment: Thermo Separation Products (TSP)
isocratic pump P-100/1000, auto sampler AS-100/1000, column oven,
detecting devices: UV-1000/2000 detector, Shodex RI-71 detector (standard),
Jasco OR-1590 chiral detector

eluent: tetrahydrofuran (THF), flow rate: 1.0 ml/min
temperature: 25 °C (…40 °C)
columns: PSS-SDV 5µ VS+10E3+10E5+10E6
calibration: PS, PB, PIB, PtBA, PMMA, PBMA, PLA
molecular weight range: 600 – 9 000 000 g/mol (PS)

eluent: N-methylpyrrolidone (NMP) + 0.5 g/l LiBr, flow rate: 0.8 ml/min
temperature: (25 °C …) 70 °C
columns: PSS-GRAM 7µ VS+100+1000
calibration: PS, PMMA, PEO
molecular weight range: 600 – 2 000 000 g/mol (PS)

GPC 3 - aqueous for cationic samples
Eluent: acetate buffer-pH:4,5 with 20% methanol,flow rate:1,0 ml/min
Temperature: 25°C
Columns: PSS-Novema_S_VS+Max-analytical-linear_10 µm
molecular weight range:1000-10000
Calibration with dextran
                  PSS-Novema_XL_Max-analytical-linear_10 µm
molecular weight range:5000-3000000
Calibration with pullulan

eluent: 0.1N aqueous NaNO3, flow rate: 1.0 ml/min
temperature: 25 °C
columns: PSS-SUPREMA 10µ VS+30+3000, PSS-MCX 10µ VS+10E5
calibration: PAANa, PEO, pullulan, dextran (SUPREMA), PSSNa (MCX)
molecular weight range: 1200 – 90 000 g/mol (PAANa), 4500 – 962 000 g/mol (PSSNa)

Other service measurements

Viscometry; automated micro viscometer AMVn (Anton Paar)
Refractive index increment; NFT ScanRef interferrometric refractometer

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