Running Projects

Light sensitive particles as a model of cellular motion (project description)
Pooja Arya
PI: Svetlana Santer (UP)
Collaboration: Mark Santer (MPIKG)

Molecular mechanics of self-healing hydrogel materials (project description)
Zeynep Atris
PI: Kerstin Blank (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Angelo Valleriani (MPIKG)

Selective protein modifications using heterogeneous photoredox catalysis (project description)
Sebastian Gisbertz
PI: Bartholomäus Pieber (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Oleksandr Savatieiev (MPIKG)

Fluorinated barnase - barstar complexes (project description)
Alexander Langhans
PI: Beate Koksch (FU)
Collaboration: Ana Vila Verde (MPIKG)

Proton translocation in the light-driven inward pump Xenorhodopsin (project description)
Luiz Schubert
PI: Joachim Heberle (FU)
Collaboration: Rumiana Dimova (MPIKG)

Biophysical cues in cancer cell dormancy (project description)
Hubert Taieb
PI: Amaia Cipitria (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Tom Robinson (MPIKG)

Bacterial mimetic systems for the study of bacterial inactivation and infection (project description)
Mareike Stephan
PI: Rumiana Dimova (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Stefanie Barbirz (UP), Tom Robinson (MPIKG)

Tickling Bacteria to explore the Role of Mechanical Signals in Biofilm Formation (project description)
Adrien Sarlet
PI: Cecile Bidan (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Kerstin Blank (MPIKG)

Light induced manipulation of small objects (project description)
Anjali Sharma
PI: Svetlana Santer (UP)
Collaboration: Emanuel Schneck (MPIKG)

Novel glycoconjugated antimicrobial peptides against multiresistant pathogens (project descirption)
Michael Krummhaar
PI: Christian Roth (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Beate Koksch (FU)

Controlling transmembrane transport by light (project description)
Mina Aleksanyan
PI: Rumiana Dimova (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Joachim Heberle (FU)

Principles of Biofilm Architecture (project description)
Ricardo Ziege
PI: Cecile Bidan (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Kerstin Blank (MPIKG)

Light induced single-cell manipulation for the study of bacterial swimmers (project description)
Valeriia Muraveva
PI: Carsten Beta (UP)
Collaboration: Svelana Santer (UP), Roland Netz (FU)

MD Simulations of molecular recognition and remodeling of carbohydrates by proteins (project description)
Richard Kullmann
PI: Thomas Weikl (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Christian Roth (MPIKG)

Fighting Protozoan Parasites Using Novel Carbohydrate Binding Nanobodies (project description)
Anika Freitag
PI: Heiko Möller (UP)
Collaboration: Oren Moscovicz (MPIKG)

3D polymer printing for parallelized chemical synthesis (project description)
Sanghwa Moon
PI: Felix Löffler (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Volker Strauß (MPIKG)

Learning from bacteria to produce novel cellulose-based materials (project description)
Jhih-Yi Huang
PI: Martina Delbianco (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Cecile Bidan (MPIKG)

Synthetic cell fusion to investigate sexual reproduction (project description)
Amaury Brisson
PI: Salvatore Chiantia (UP)
Collaboration: Tom Robinson (MPIKG)

Game theory of cancer dormancy and bone metastsasis (project description)
Anna-Dorothea Heller
PI: Amaia Cipitria (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Angelo Valleriani (MPIKG)

Message in a vesicle: intercellular communication through extracellular vesicles (project description)
Nicky Tam
PI: Rumiana Dimova (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Amaia Cipitria (MPIKG)

Sculpting the membrane: control of membrane organization by septins (project description)
Kita Schmidt 
PI: Helge Ewers,
C. Rumiana Dimova

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