Recent Projects

Last Iteration, 2021

Sculpting the membrane: control of membrane organization by septins

PI: Helge Ewers, Rumiana Dimova

Required background: MSc in biochemistry, biophysics or physics. Strong interest in physics of biological systems, interest in interdisciplinary work; basic knowledge of membranes and microscopy experience will be advantageous.

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Probing the effect of electric fields on biomembranes

PI: Joachim Heberle, Rumiana Dimova

Required background: MSc in biophysics, (bio)chemistry, physics or physical chemistry. Strong interest in molecular spectroscopy and interest in interdisciplinary work is required.

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Structural and functional characterization of human glycogen debranching enzyme (GDE) using x-ray crystallography and Cryo-EM

PI: Christian Roth, Markus Wahl

Required background: Candidates should have a background in biochemistry and techniques for protein expression and purification. Additionally, knowledge in x-ray crystallography or Cryo-EM may be useful.

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Network architectures in bone – structural characterization and functional interpretation

PI: Richard Weinkamer, Angelo Valleriani

Required background: The candidate should have a strong interest and background in computational data analysis and computer modeling. In the recent past, we made good experience with the approach that the student is doing both, imaging the network using confocal microscopy and then analyzing the data (clearly the main part of the research). The know-how gained during the PhD of analyzing large data sets will be valuable for diverse future career plans.

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