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Galushchinskiy, A.; Pulignani, C.; Szalad, H.; Reisner, E.; Albero, J.; Tarakina, N. V.; Pelicano, C. M.; García, H.; Savateev, A.; Antonietti, M.: Heterostructured PHI-PTI/Li+Cl-carbon nitrides for multiple photocatalytic applications. Solar RRL 7 (14), 2300077 (2023)
Journal Article
Galushchinskiy, A.; Zou, Y.; Odutola, J.; Nikačević, P.; Shi, J.-W.; Tkachenko, N.; López, N.; Farràs, P.; Savateev, A.: Insights into the role of graphitic carbon nitride as a photobase in proton-coupled electron transfer in (sp3)C‒H oxygenation of oxazolidinones. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 62 (18), e202301815 (2023)
Journal Article
Galushchinskiy, A.; González-Gómez, R.; McCarthy, K.; Farràs, P.; Savateev, A.: Progress in development of photocatalytic processes for synthesis of fuels and organic compounds under outdoor solar light. Energy & Fuels 36 (9), pp. 4625 - 4639 (2022)
Journal Article
Galushchinskiy, A.; ten Brummelhuis, K.; Antonietti, M.; Savateev, A.: Insights into the mechanism of energy transfer with poly(heptazine imide)s in deoximation reaction. ChemPhotoChem 5 (11), pp. 1020 - 1025 (2021)
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