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Ambrogi, M.; Sakaushi, K.; Antonietti, M.; Yuan, J.: Poly(ionic liquid)s for enhanced activation of cotton to generate simple and cheap fibrous electrodes for energy applications. Polymer 68, pp. 315 - 320 (2015)
Journal Article
Grygiel, K.; Lee, J.-S.; Sakaushi, K.; Antonietti, M.; Yuan, J.: Thiazolium Poly(ionic liquid)s: synthesis and application as binder for lithium-ion batteries. ACS Macro Letters 4 (12), pp. 1312 - 1316 (2015)
Journal Article
Lee, J.-S.; Sakaushi, K.; Antonietti, M.; Yuan, J.: Poly(ionic liquid) binders as Li+ conducting mediators for enhanced electrochemical performance. RSC Advances 5 (104), pp. 85517 - 85522 (2015)
Journal Article
Sakaushi, K.; Antonietti, M.: Carbon- and nitrogen-based porous solids: a recently emerging class of materials. Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 88 (3), pp. 386 - 398 (2015)
Journal Article
Sakaushi, K.; Antonietti, M.: Carbon- and nitrogen-based organic frameworks. Accounts of Chemical Research 48 (6), pp. 1591 - 1600 (2015)
Journal Article
Sakaushi, K.; Fellinger, T.-P.; Antonietti, M.: Bifunctional metal-free catalysis of mesoporous noble carbons for oxygen reduction and evolution reactions. ChemSusChem 8 (7), pp. 1156 - 1160 (2015)
Journal Article
Sakaushi, K.; Yang, S. J.; Fellinger, T.-P.; Antonietti, M.: Impact of large-scale meso- and macropore structures in adenosine-derived affordable noble carbon on efficient reversible oxygen electrocatalytic redox reactions. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (22), pp. 11720 - 11724 (2015)
Journal Article
Yuan, J.; Prescher, S.; Sakaushi, K.; Antonietti, M.: Novel polyvinylimidazolium nanoparticles as high-performance binders for lithium-ion batteries. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (14), pp. 7229 - 7234 (2015)
Journal Article
Zhu, J.; Sakaushi, K.; Clavel, G.; Shalom, M.; Antonietti, M.; Fellinger, T.-P.: A general salt-templating method to fabricate vertically aligned graphitic carbon nanosheets and their metal carbide hybrids for superior lithium ion batteries and water splitting. Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (16), pp. 5480 - 5485 (2015)
Journal Article
Brun, N.; Sakaushi, K.; Eckert, J.; Titirici, M. M.: Carbohydrate-derived nanoarchitectures: on a synergistic effect toward an improved performance in lithium sulfur batteries. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 2 (2), pp. 126 - 129 (2014)
Journal Article
Sakaushi, K.; Hosono, E.; Nickerl, G.; Zhou, H.; Kaskel, S.; Eckert, J.: Bipolar porous polymeric frameworks for low-cost, high-power, long-life all-organic energy storage devices. Journal of Power Sources 245, pp. 553 - 556 (2014)
Journal Article
Sakaushi, K.; Nickerl, G.; Kandpal, H. C.; Cano-Cortes, L.; Gemming, T.; Eckert, J.; Kaskel, S.; van den Brink, J.: Polymeric frameworks as organic semiconductors with controlled electronic properties. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 4 (17), pp. 2977 - 2981 (2013)

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Antonietti, M.; Yuan, J.; Fechler, N.; Sakaushi, K.: Use of a poly(ionic liquid) as a binder material for electrodes in electrochemical devices. EP3016186 (A1) (2016)
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