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Sonkaria, S.; Fuentes, G.; Verma, C.; Narang, R.; Khare, V.; Fischer, A.; Faivre, D.: Insight into the Assembly Properties and Functional Organisation of the Magnetotactic Bacterial Actin-like Homolog, MamK. PLoS One 7 (5), e34189 (2012)
Ayi, A. A.; Khare, V.; Strauch, P.; Girard, J.; Fromm, K. M.; Taubert, A.: On the chemical synthesis of titanium nanoparticles from ionic liquids. Monatshefte für Chemie / Chemical Monthly 141 (12), S. 1273 - 1278 (2010)
Khare, V.; Kraupner, A.; Mantion, A.; Jelicic, A.; Thünemann, A. F.; Giordano, C.; Taubert, A.: Stable Iron Carbide Nanoparticle Dispersions in [Emim][SCN] and [Emim][N(CN)₂] Ionic Liquids. Langmuir 26 (13), S. 10600 - 10605 (2010)
Khare, V.; Li, Z. H.; Mantion, A.; Ayi, A. A.; Sonkaria, S.; Völkel, A.; Thünemann, A. F.; Taubert, A.: Strong anion effects on gold nanoparticle formation in ionic liquids. Journal of Materials Chemistry 20 (7), S. 1332 - 1339 (2010)
Wencka, M.; Jelen, A.; Jagodic, M.; Khare, V.; Ruby, C.; Dolinsek, J.: Magnetic and EPR study of ferric green rust- and ferrihydrite-coated sand prepared by different synthesis routes. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 42 (24), 245301 (2009)
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