Publications of Tristan Corbiere

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Ressnig, D.; Corbiere, T.; Lunkenbein, T.; Braun, U.; Willinger, M. G.; Antonietti, M.: Decomposition synthesis of tuneable, macroporous carbon foams from crystalline precursors via in situ templating. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (42), pp. 18076 - 18081 (2014)
Journal Article
Corbiere, T. C. M.; Ressnig, D.; Giordano, C.; Antonietti, M.: Focused radiation heating for controlled high temperature chemistry, exemplified with the preparation of vanadium nitride nanoparticles. RSC Advances 3 (35), pp. 15337 - 15343 (2013)
Journal Article
Giordano, C.; Corbiere, T.: A step forward in metal nitride and carbide synthesis: from pure nanopowders to nanocomposites. Colloid and Polymer Science 291 (6), pp. 1297 - 1311 (2013)
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