Publications of S. Zabler

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Journal Article
Zabler, S.; Paris, O.; Burgert, I.; Fratzl, P.: Moisture changes in the plant cell wall force cellulose crystallites to deform. Journal of Structural Biology 171 (2), pp. 133 - 141 (2010)
Journal Article
Zaslansky, P.; Zabler, S.; Fratzl, P.: 3D variations in human crown dentin tubule orientation: a phase-contrast microtomography study. Dental Materials 26 (1), pp. E1 - E10 (2010)
Journal Article
Zabler, S.; Rack, A.; Manke, I.; Thermann, K.; Tiedemann, J.; Harthill, N.; Riesemeier, H.: High-resolution tomography of cracks, voids and micro-structure in greywacke and limestone. Journal of Structural Geology 30 (7), pp. 876 - 887 (2008)
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