Online lecture course for the summer school EVQ2022 “Photocatalytic Synthesis of Organic Compounds Mediated by Heterogeneous Carbon Nitride Materials”.


Lecture course content:
1. Introduction to photocatalysis

            1.1. Thermochemistry, downhill and uphill processes
            1.2. Molecular orbitals. Optical gap and color of chemical compounds
            1.3. Single electron transfer, cyclic voltammetry and redox potentials
            1.4. Photoinduced electron transfer
2. Carbon nitrides
            2.1. Classification
            2.2. Synthesis
            2.3. Structure and properties
3. Chromoselective photocatalysis
            3.1. Quantum efficiency of photochemical reactions
            3.2. Mechanisms of wavelength-selectivity in photochemical transformations
            3.3. Non-bonding orbitals in carbon nitrides and chromoselective photocatalysis
4. ‘Dark’ photocatalysis
            4.1. Doping and photodoping of semiconductors
            4.2. Proton-coupled electron transfer using photocharged semiconductors

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