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Journal Article (43)

Journal Article
Loidl, D.; Peterlik, H.; Paris, O.; Müller, M.; Burghammer, M.; Riekel, C.: Structure and mechanical properties of carbon fibres: a review of recent microbeam diffraction studies with synchrotron radiation. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 12, pp. 758 - 764 (2005)
Journal Article
Paris, O.; Zollfrank, C.; Zickler, G. A.: Decomposition and carbonisation of wood biopolymers - a microstructural study of softwood pyrolysis. Carbon 43 (1), pp. 53 - 66 (2005)
Journal Article
Paris, O.; Fratzl, P.: Hierarchische Struktur und mechanische Funktion von biologischen Materialien. Giesserei Rundschau 51 (1-2), pp. 10 - 13 (2004)

Conference Paper (3)

Conference Paper
Gourrier, A.; Wagermaier, W.; Burghammer, M.; Lammie, D.; Gupta, H. S.; Fratzl, P.; Riekel, C.; Wess, T. J.; Paris, O.: Scanning X-ray imaging with small-angle scattering contrast. Journal of Applied Crystallography 40, pp. S78 - S82 (2007)
Conference Paper
Paris, O.; Li, C. H.; Siegel, S.; Weseloh, G.; Emmerling, F.; Riesemeier, H.; Erko, A.; Fratzl, P.: A new experimental station for simultaneous X-ray microbeam scanning for small- and wide-angle scattering and fluorescence at BESSY II. Journal of Applied Crystallography 40, pp. S466 - S470 (2007)
Conference Paper
Zickler, G. A.; Jähnert, S.; Funari, S. S.; Findenegg, G. H.; Paris, O.: Pore lattice deformation in ordered mesoporous silica studied by in situ small-angle X-ray diffraction. Journal of Applied Crystallography 40, pp. S522 - S526 (2007)

Editorial (1)

Paris, O.; Riekel, C.: Some introductory remarks on microbeam diffraction in nanobiosciences. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 12, p. 712 - 712 (2005)
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