Publikationen von Marek Grzelczak

Zeitschriftenartikel (2)

Grzelczak, M.; Zhank, J.; Pfrommer, J.; Hartmann, J.; Driess, M.; Antonietti, M.; Wang, X.: Electro- and photochemical water oxidation on ligand-free Co3O4 nanoparticles with tunable sizes. ACS Catalysis 3 (3), S. 383 - 388 (2013)
Zhang, J.; Grzelczak, M.; Hou, Y. D.; Maeda, K.; Domen, K.; Fu, X. Z.; Antonietti, M.; Wang, X.: Photocatalytic oxidation of water by polymeric carbon nitride nanohybrids made of sustainable elements. Chemical Science 3 (2), S. 443 - 446 (2012)
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