Publikationen von A. Casoli

Zeitschriftenartikel (3)

Casoli, A.; Brendle, M.; Schultz, J.; Auroy, P.; Reiter, G.: Friction induced by grafted polymeric chains. Langmuir 17, S. 388 - 398 (2001)
Casoli, A.; Schönhoff, M.: Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy as a tool to investigate single molecule probe dynamics in thin polymer films. Biological Chemistry 382, S. 363 - 369 (2001)
Gao, C.; Moya, S.; Lichtenfeld, H.; Casoli, A.; Fiedler, H.; Donath, E.; Möhwald, H.: The decomposition process of melamine formaldehyde cores: The key step in the fabrication of ultrathin polyelectrolyte multilayer capsules. Macromolecular Materials and Engineering 286 (6), S. 355 - 361 (2001)
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