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Bente, K.; Bakenecker, A. C.; von Gladiss, A.; Bachmann, F.; Cēbers, A.; Buzug, T. M.; Faivre, D.: Selective actuation and tomographic imaging of swarming magnetite nanoparticles. ACS Applied Nano Materials 4 (7), pp. 6752 - 6759 (2021)
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Bente, K.; Mohammadinejad, S.; Charsooghi, M.; Bachmann, F.; Codutti, A.; Lefèvre, C. T.; Klumpp, S.; Faivre, D.: High-speed motility originates from cooperatively pushing and pulling flagella bundles in bilophotrichous bacteria. eLife 9, e47551 (2020)
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Reichel, V.; Matuszak, J.; Bente, K.; Heil, T.; Kraupner, A.; Dutz, S.; Cicha, I.; Faivre, D.: Magnetite-arginine nanoparticles as a multifunctional biomedical tool. Nanomaterials 10 (10), 2014 (2020)
Journal Article
Bachmann, F.; Bente, K.; Codutti, A.; Faivre, D.: Using Shape Diversity on the way to new Structure-Function Designs for Magnetic Micropropellers. Physical Review Applied 11, 034039 (2019)
Journal Article
Codutti, A.; Bente, K.; Faivre, D.; Klumpp, S.: Chemotaxis in external fields: simulations for active magnetic biological matter. PLoS Computational Biology 15 (12), e1007548 (2019)
Journal Article
Bente, K.; Codutti, A.; Bachmann, F.; Faivre, D.: Biohybrid and bioinspired magnetic microswimmers. Small 14 (29), 1704374 (2018)
Journal Article
Stanton, M. M.; Park, B.-W.; Vilela, D.; Bente, K.; Faivre, D.; Sitti, M.; Sanchez, S.: Magnetotactic bacteria powered biohybrids target E. coli biofilms. ACS Nano 11 (10), pp. 9968 - 9978 (2017)
Journal Article
Widdrat, M.; Schneck, E.; Reichel, V.; Baumgartner, J.; Bertinetti, L.; Habraken, W.; Bente, K.; Fratzl, P.; Faivre, D.: Combined experimental and theoretical approach to the kinetics of magnetite crystal growth from primary particles. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8 (6), pp. 1132 - 1136 (2017)

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Bente, K.; Kitenbergs, G.; Kriman, D.; Erglis, K.; Belovs, M.; Faivre, D.; Cebers, A.: Motion of magnetotactic bacteria swarms in an external field. (2017)
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