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Zeitschriftenartikel (1)

Ayoubi, M.; Van Tol, A.; Weinkamer, R.; Roschger, P.; Brugger, P. C.; Berzlanovich, A.; Bertinetti, L.; Roschger, A.; Fratzl, P.: 3D interrelationship between osteocyte network and forming mineral during human bone remodeling. Advanced Healthcare Materials 10 (12), 2100113 (2021)

Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit (1)

Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit
Ayoubi, M.: Three-dimensional organization of mineralized and unmineralized bone tissues with respect to the lacuno canalicular network studied by focused ion beam scanning electron microscopic tomography. Dissertation, ix, 127 S., Technische Universität, Berlin (2020)
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