Experimental Equipment

Cold Field Emission Gun Accelerating voltages: 60, 80 & 200 kV Probe (STEM)-Cs-Corrector; Image (TEM)-Cs-Corrector JED-2300 Energy-dispersive X-ray detector, 100mm2 Gatan GIF Quantum Gatan OneView (4k x 4k) & Gatan US1000 (2k x 2k) cameras [more]
LaB6 cathode Lateral resolution: 0.37 nm Point resolution: 0.34 nm Accelerating voltage: 120 kV Magnifications: 80-500000x OMEGA-type in-column energy-filter [more]
Thermal field emission gun Resolution at 1 kV: 3 nm Resolution at 20 kV: 1 nm Accelerating voltage: 0.2 to 30 kV Magnification: 20-900000x [more]
Software Leica LasX High Resolution 10-Megapixel Camera 2D and 3D Measurements XY-Stage, Manual and Motorized Focus Drive (coarse/fine), Manual and Motorized Tilting Angle, Continuous Adjustment from  ± 60° Illumination: Transmitted and Reflective [more]
Software: Leica LasV3.8 High Resolution Leica Camera DFC 280 XY Stage Manual Manual Focus Drive (coarse/fine) Illumination: Transmitted and Reflective Polarisation Filter for Illumination [more]
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